Kisay Apna Kahen 23rd January 2014 *2nd Episode* Written Update


Salman refuses for marriage. Sayeed is shocked. Salman says, I can’t marry. Rafia says, I made you understand. Salman says no. Sayeed asks him to be clear about what he wants? Salman says, he loves Iqra, Ashfaq’s daughter. Sayeed says, they have bad reputation in the society. Salman says, I love her. Sayeed refuses to accept Salman’s choice as his bahu. He says, Bhai Miya’s family is good and respectable people. Sayeed asks him to forget the other Iqra.

Ashfaq comes to his daughter Iqra and demands money. Iqra tells him that she doesn’t have any money. Ashfaq taunts her and her brother who was in jail. Iqra says,I don’t have money for your liquor. Sayeed tells Rafia that they have to decide soon. Rafia says, I don’t know what Salman has seen in Ashfaq’s daughter Iqra. She thinks to talk to Salman.


Zainab tells Bhai Miya about JD’s demand for Taxi. She said, I told her that we have to marry Iqra first. Bhai miyan says, we will see about her marriage. JD is right. We will get a cab for him. He has self respect that’s why he didn’t talk to us directly and told Maheen to talk to us. He thinks to do something.

Salman talks with Ashfaq’s daughter Iqra and assures that he will marry her. Iqra warns her and says I love you very much and nobody can love you more than me. Salman says, I will fight for you with everyone. I will not break with anything. Iqra says, we are made to live with each other. Salman assures her that he would never leave her.

Shanze says, I am getting nervous today at the first day of the college. Alisa pulls her leg. Zainab asks Alisa to keep quiet. Shanze leaves. Bhai Miya couldn’t start his scooter. Ali helps him. In the college, two guys are fighting and warning each other. Shanze witness the scene.

Phuphu asks Maheen to give the Achaar. Maheen says, Achaar is over. Phuphu taunts her. Maheen says, all the things are over. Phuphu asks her to thank God. She says I eat what you used to eat, I don’t eat anything special. She asks, did you talk to Bhai Miya? Maheen says, I talked to ammi. She will talk to Bauji whenever she gets time. Phuphu says, may be Zainab will get time or not, to talk about JD. Maheen says, she did a lot for us and supports her mother Zainab.

Zainab asks Alisa to dial Maheen’s number. Alisa dials the number and gives the call to Zainab. Zainab greets her and asks about her daughters. Maheen says, they are fine. Zainab says, I talked to your bauji and he agreed for the cab. Maheen gets happy and thank her.

Ali is drying his clothes and sings a song to impress Alisa. Alisa is standing at her terrace and asks, are you trying to impress me. Ali says, I am just practising. I have done BBA and trying for MBA. Alisa asks her, do you sweep your home also? Ali says, no. Alisa asks him to take care of his clothes.

Bhai Miya is instructing his workers. He asks Naser about the payment which are due. Sayeed calls on Naser’s number. Naser gives the call to Bhai Miya. Sayeed says, your phone is switch off that’s why I called at Naser bhai’s number. They greet each other. Sayeed says, we want to come to your home for the engagement. Bhai Miyan welcomes him.

Ashfaq’s daughter Iqra is working in her office. Salman comes and says I want to meet Iqra. Iqra says, we can’t talk now. Salman asks her not to worry. I am with you. Iqra says, nothing happens with sayings else you will see my dead face. Salman says, why don’t you trust me. Iqra asks him to take any step. Salman says, I will agree ammi and abbu. Iqra asks him to agree them. Salman says I am trying. Salman asks her not to worry and leaves.

Laiba asks JD to get a new bag for her. Maheen asks him to get the ration for home. JD gets angry and asks her not to bother him. Just repair the bag and send Laiba to school. Maheen says, Laiba is a kid, just can’t use the damaged bag. Maheen says, Amma called me as Iqra is getting engaged. JD asks her not to attend the function. Maheen says, we have to attend it. JD refuses. Maheen tells him that bauji called him tomorrow for the cab matter as he agreed to get a cab for him. JD gets happy.

JD’s friend asks him, from where he gets the money for gambling. JD says, I gambles with my father in law’s money and not with your father’s money. His friend asks him to pay his money else he will tell Bhai Miya. They have an argument. His friend thinks to expose him infront of Bhai Miyan.

Ali recalls Alisa’s saying to him. Alisa tries to get the dupatta from far away. She climbs the terrace and gets her dupatta. Ali thinks his dream girl Alisa is coming to meet him. Alisa walks down the stairs and Ali gets surprised to see her. He offers to drop her home but Alisa says she can manage. Bhai Miya comes home and asks for his clothes. Alisa goes to get it. Bhai Miya is talking on phone to the caterer. JD’s gambler friend comes to his house. Iqra goes to check and asks, from where you came? He stares at her. He asks about Bhai Miya and leaves smilingly.

Salman says, I am amazed. I refused you but you are still insisting. Rafia asks him to forget Ashfaq’s daughter Iqra. Salman asks her to think about his feelings. Rafia praises Bhai Miya’s daughter Iqra. Salman says, don’t you care for me even for a moment. Rafia says, you will give us dua when you lead a happy life. Sayeed calls Rafia. Salman shouts that he won’t marry.

Sayeed and Rafia come to Bhai Miya’s house. They see Iqra and praise her beauty. Sayeed says, she is our Amanat now. Bhai Miya says, she is your daughter now. Sayeed says, we will take her in 7 days. Bhai Miya and Zainab say that the marriage is too early. Sayeed and Safia insist on the early marriage day after 7 days. Bhai Miya agrees. Sayeed says, we will come after 7 days with the Baraat.

Salman tells Iqra that his marriage has been fixed. Iqra is angry. Salman says, they will plan his wedding after 2 years. They will find a solution until then. Iqra says, what I shall do? Shall I wait for the day when you becomes a groom. Salman says, no one can seperate us. Iqra says, I will kill you if you marries someone else. She gets a call. Salman says, I will leave now.

Bhai Miya asks JD about the money needed for buying the cab. JD says, 3 Lakh Rupees. Bhai Miya gives the cheque of 3 Lakh Rupees. JD acts innocently and says Maheen told me to ask you for money. Bhai Miya blesses him and asks him to take care of Maheen and daughters. Zainab blesses him.

Alisa looks at Salman’s photo and says he looks like Dabangg Salman Khan. Shanze pulls her leg. Iqra says, I don’t want to see as Ammi and Abbu have seen him. Iqra says, I have to offer namaaz.

Salman calls Iqra and says that his parents has decided his marriage date after 7 days. Iqra curses Bhai Miya’s daughter Iqra. Salman says, I won’t marry her in any circumstances.

Next Episode:
Maheen tells JD that we will go and thank to Bauji for the Cab. Phuphu shuts her mouth. JD’s friend tells his friend that he wants to marry JD’s sister in law. Salman tells Rafia that you are forcing your decision on your son and I couldn’t even protest.


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