Kisay Apna Kahen 29th January 2014 *3rd Episode* Written Update


Salman tells Iqra that his parents have fixed his marriage date. Iqra curses Bhai Miya’s daughter Iqra. She says, this storm will flow us apart. Salman says, Allah’s knows that I didn’t see that girl. I will do something. Iqra says, you can’t do anything, just fooling me. Just remember one thing that you will lose me and I won’t be happy without you. She disconnects the call. Alisa and Shanze bring sweets for Safia. They tell Safia about Iqra’s marriage date getting fixed. Ali comes and greets them. Safia asks Ali, have you done the sweeping etc. Ali says yes. Alisa looks at him. Safia takes Shanze inside to show the house. Ali and Alisa have a small talk. Ali gets impressed with Alisa and smiles. Zainab tells Bhai Miya that they don’t have much time for the marriage preparation. Bhai Miya replies everything will be done. We need not have to take loan from bank. Allah will help us. Zainab says, how we will manage in 7 days. He asks her to take care of clothes and jewellery. Zainab says, we have to take furniture also. Bhai Miya asks her to take Iqra and buys the furniture of her choice. They hope for Iqra’s happiness after marriage.

JD tells Maheen that he will get Nahari from the restaurant. He asks Maheen to take care of her beauty and look at the mirror. Maheen says, mirror reflects my heart and feelings. JD says, it seems you are living in jail. He plans to spend some quality time with her in the evening. JD gets a call from his friend Khalid. Khalid says, we couldn’t have fight with each other yesterday and invites him for the card game. JD agrees. Khalid couldn’t stop thinking about Iqra. JD tells Maheen that he got a call from his boss and leaving for work. JD plays card with Khalid and wins. JD is happy and leaves. JD’s other friend Majid asks Khalid, why he lost the game? Khalid tells him that he likes JD’s sister in law Iqra and that’s why he is ready to lose anything for her. He says, I went to Bhai Miya place and was bowled over by her. He praises Iqra. Majid says, that’s what I was thinking why you lost the game to JD. Khalid says, I am working on my moves.


Bhai Miya gives money to Zainab and asks him to get the things for Iqra. Zainab says, I will take Alisa as well. Shanze tells her that I am going to the university. Bhai Miya says, I will also go now. Zainab suggest that they shall do the Quraan Khani before the marriage. Bhai Miya agrees. Bhai Miya comes to Qari Zubair and tells his wish to have Quran Khani done at their home. Zubair says, I will come to your house tomorrow. Bhai Miya thanks him. At the university, some guy gives a pamplet to Shanze and asks her to vote for his brother Agha. Shanze says, they are strange. Zainab, Iqra and Alisa come to the shop. Zainab likes one dress. Iqra too likes it. Shop Keeper says, it is worth 8000 Rs. Alisa bargains and gets the dress at 6000 Rs. Shop Keeper says, your daughter is very clever.

One couple come to the graveyard and sees Zubair standing at the graveyard and praying for their father. They greet each other. Zubair says, I am Sayeed Hasan’s friend. I used to come here often and offers prayers. Hasan’s son gives him money to take care of the grave. He hesitantly accepts it as a hadiya. Bhai Miya goes to the caterer and hires him for Iqra’s marriage. caterer assures him that he will give his best service. He asks the caterer to send a food vessel on Quran Khani day. Qari Zubair tells his partner that the business today is low compared to the other Thursdays. He gives his share to him. It seems Qari pretends to know the deceased person and offers prayers when he sees their relative coming there and fools them. He gets money to take care of the graveyard. His partner asks for more money and he gives it hesitantly.

Zubair asks his partner to come to Bhai Miya’s house for the Quran Khani and they will have a delicious food. Safia offers Namaz and prays for Ali’s happiness and success. She tells Ali that she went to Zainab’s house and asks Ali to design wedding card for Iqra’s marriage. Ali agrees. Rafia asks Salman to agree for the marriage. She says, the other day you were talking too much infront of your father. Salman says, you have decided my alliance and marriage date without my consent. And what shall I do? I shall not even protest? He says, I won’t marry her. Sayeed angrily says, You will marry anyway. You are fighting for a ordinary girl. What do you own? nothing. If you refuse for this marriage then I will disowned you. Then go to your inlaw’s house, someday you will murder someone and go to jail. He says, if you go against my decision then I won’t tolerate you in this house.

Zainab, Iqra and Alisa buy jewellery for Iqra. Iqra tells Salman that they will go far away. She asks him to elope with her. She says, we will return after your parents agree. Salman says, it is not right. Iqra says, I can’t live without you. This is the only option. Salman says, with time our problems will be solved. Iqra says, you will marry her in 4 days, I don’t think you can do anything. Salman says, I want to marry you. I want your support. Iqra cries.

Ali designs the card. Shanze likes it and says we will finalised it. Ali says, I have to write someone’s number in this card and asks for Alisa’s number. Shanze says, I understood. We have only one Landline set and we don’t have any cell phone. She asks him to finalised the card and leaves. Zubair comes to Bhai Miya’s house for the Quraan Khani. Bhai Miya thanks him. He fools him and gets the money as hadiya.

Maheen asks JD, did he encash the cheque? JD says, yes and also gave the token for the cab. Maheen says, it is good we can go home in the cab for Iqra’s marriage preparations. JD agrees to take her sometimes. JD comes to play cards and wins. Ali comes to Bhai Miya’s house and tells Alisa that he came to give the card of Iqra’s marriage. Alisa thank him. Zubair’s friend asks him to give money. Zubair pays him 100 Rs. JD buys the cab. Maheen congrats him. Their daughter’s Zara and Laiba ask him to take them for outing. Maheen says, we shall go to Bauji’s house and thank him for the cab. Phuphu comes and angrily says we will thank Bhai Miya later. Now we are going to dargah to fulfill the mannat. She sits in the cab and leaves with JD. Maheen and her daughters get sad. JD comes to Khalid and Majid and shows the cab. He says, Bhai Miya gives it to me. They praise JD’s luck. JD asks, do you want to play for this. Khalid looks on with greed.

Next Episode:
Ali is staring at Alisa. Alisa asks him to keep his eyes on the stars and says I know I am very beautiful. Bhai Miya’s daughter Iqra and Salman are seen sitting beside each other during haldi ceremony. JD tells Maheen that he prayed to get a son. Ashfaq’s daughter Iqra comes to Salman house at midnight with her stuff. JD gambles the Cab for the card game.


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