Saanchi and Dhruv get married in Sony TV show Jee Le Zara



Saanchi and Dhruv have faced oppositions from their respective families and the latter wins over Saanchi’s family with his love and care. Where as, Saanchi is rejected by Dhruv’s family at first glance. Dhruv’s mom Neena pleads her to stay away from her son. Saanchi agrees and strikes a deal of Rs.25 crores with Dhruv’s father Yash. Dhruv gets shocked as he thinks his ladylove choses money over him. He becomes a drunkard and goes in depression. His friend Ankita tries to take his advantage but fails. They were about to get engaged but Dhruv’s refuses at the last minute and rushes to Saanchi. He saves Saanchi’s house and factory from being seized by the bank. Saanchi refuses to marry him but Dhruv wins her again. Dhruv and Saanchi get married. Will Yash accepts this marriage? What will Suparna and Ankita do? Keep reading for more updates.



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