Sameer Gets Slapped Twice by Shikha in Main Na Bhoolungi


Shikha finally finds her husband Sameer Verma’s real identity as Aditya Jagannath. Shikha’s family and inspector Naik are shocked to know Sameer’s real name as Aditya Jagannath and he lives in Delhi. Shikha and inspector Naik reach Delhi and are shocked to see Sameer’s lavish bungalow and his style of living. Finally, they meet Sameer, aka Aditya Jagannath. Aditya already has a rich wife Madhurima. Sameer refuses to recognize Shikha. During their miff, Shikha slaps him twice. Sameer/Aditya and his wife Madhurima asks Shikha to go from their house. Stay tuned to know what happens next.


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