Anandi fails to save Saachi from Saurabh in Colors show Balika Vadhu.


We have come with yet another update on your favourite show Balika Vadhu. As per the current track, Anandi was on her way to save Saachi and follows her friend Ankita. But her car loses its track and gets late. By the time they reach to the Party venue. Saurabh is almost done with Saachi vulnerability. Saurabh takes advantage of Saachi’s unconsciousness and rape her. He leaves her unconscious on the bed and flees. Ankita helps him. Anandi and Payal come to the room and are distraught and shattered. Shiv reaches the place and takes Saachi to the hospital.

Doctors confirms Saachi being raped. Anandi and Shiv are shocked and teary eyed. Alok and Ira reach the hospital and is informed by Anandi about Saachi raped by Saurabh. Ira and Alok get freeze and the tears couldn’t stop flowing from their eyes. What will Shiv do now? Saurabh should get a rigorous imprisonment for this odious crime. Will Saachi learns a lesson from her mistake of trusting strangers blindly? Stay tuned to watch the heart wrenching episode of Balika Vadhu or read here.



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