Kumud to bring Laxminandan and Saras closer in Saraswatichandra


Danny did not inform his dad Laxminandan about his marriage with Kusum which happened under uncertain circumstances. Even Saras did not wish to invite Laxminandan on his marriage with Kumud. Laxminandan at last was invited by Kumud. He acknowledges her love and flies from Dubai. Saras is not so happy to see him as he feels his dad is responsible for his mum’s death. Kumud tries hard to explain Saras that what his mum did was by her wish, Laxminandan did not force her to commit suicide. She asks Saras to forget the past and move on his life with his family.

Saras is adamant and does not even want to see Laxminandan’s face. Kumud makes a plan to bring them closer by asking the men to cook for one day. Everyone agrees for this including Saras. They start cooking. Laxminandan is frying the puris in hot oil. The oil is about to fall on him, but in the nick of the time Saras pushes him and saves him from the dangerous outcome. Laxminandan is happy when Saras shouts dad. We hope Kumud brings the father-son together. Keep reading.



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