Poonam finds out the secret behind the haunted house in Ek Ghar Banaunga


Mangla and Kanno are finally caught red handed by Poonam and Akash. Poonam explains everyone how people can fool them of ghosts and supernatural things. She takes Chandru’s help and makes her own house look scary and ghostly. Everyone trusts Poonam and feels she is right. Poonam takes everyone with her to the haunted house. She says I have one idea to shoo the ghosts, and that’s we will burn this house so that the matter ends for once and all.

The men who were scaring others hear this and come out running stopping Poonam from igniting the fire in the house. They try to save their lives but are caught by everyone. When Akash asks them why they did this, they name Kanno and also give a proof against her. Kanno gets tensed and says I did all this as Mangla asked me to do. Shashikant gets angry on both of them. Poonam is annoyed that they did all this so that her parents does not stay close to her. Akash pacifies Poonam. Poonam gets the house’s responsibility from Kanno on Shashikant’s orders. Will Poonam manage her duties? Keep reading.



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