Rajveer and Simran celebrate Valentine’s Day in the fields, Rajo to kill Simran in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai



The most awaited Guru ji landed in the Sanghwan house. Simran was tensed knowing Guru ji would easily know that she is not illiterate and also the fact that she is from Singapore. She prays that Guru ji does not tell anyone about it. Guru ji looks at her face and comes to know everything. He does not tell anyone in the family and talks to Simran in private. He warns her about the upcoming troubles in her life and says death is at the door and will not return empty hand. Simran is shocked hearing that prediction from Guru ji.


Rajveer asks Simran about Guru ji’s words and she tells him Guru ji’s prediction. Rajveer is stunned and sees Simran is going through a bad phase. He wants to shed her worry and gives her a surprise by taking her to the fields. He decorates the fields with roses and lights and wishes her Happy Valentine’s day. They spend some quality time with each other and at the end have a lovely hug. Simran is much happy and they return home. Meanwhile Rajo sees Simran and Rajveer hugging and plans to add poison in Simran’s food. What will happen now? Will Simran survive or was Guru ji’s words true about death? Stay tuned to Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai at 10 PM IST on Life Ok or simply keep reading at our site.


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