Kisay Apna Kahen 12th February 2014 *7th Episode* Written Update


JD tells Khalid that his marriage is not possible with Iqra. Khalid says, it is a matters of heart. I can’t see her with anyone else. JD says, she got married yesterday and is very happy at her home. Khalid says, if she got married then she can get divorce too. He asks JD to take back his car by paying 2 Lakhs Rupees or get his sister in law marry him. JD is trapped. Zubair starts praying infront of the grave as someone is coming, but it seems that the person is not concerned to the deceased person. He asks his friend, why you have given me wrong directions. His friend says, I gave you wrong details as you used to give me small amounts. He strikes a deal with him to pay him more money. Zubair agrees.

Sayeed tells Salman that he should have reached for the breakfast as he know about the ritual. Salman says, my Iqra died because of me. She didn’t commit suicide but you both have killed her. Don’t ask me to do anything. You have forced me to marry your friend’s daughter. Rafia says, you should have gone to your in-laws place for our sake. Salma refuses. Rafia says, anyways you have to come for your valima. Salman says, whose Valima? He asks, do you think I will sit with that unlucky girl for Valima. I don’t. I begged you for my Iqra but you both didn’t listen to my appeals. It is up to you to bring her or let her die in that house. For me, that girl is nothing but like a thing kept at our house.


Khalid is sad as Iqra got married. Majid asks him to get her out of his heart. Khalid says, my heart says that she is meant for me. Majid says, don’t have hope on JD. He asks, what you will do with JD’s car. Khalid says, I will sell it to someone. Sayeed and Rafia come to Bhai Miya’s house. Phuphu cross questions them about Salman’s whereabouts. Sayeed tells her about Salman’s friend funeral. Rafia says, he is very tired so rested at home. Bhai Miya says, they have come and it is okay with us. Phuphu asks them, whether he will come for Valima or not. Sayeed tells Bhai Miya that they want to cancel the valima. Everyone are shocked. Bhai Miya says, we have invited some guests. How could I refuse them. Rafia says, Salman is very sad about his friend’s demise and that’s why he didn’t want to celebrate happiness. Bhai Miya agrees. Phuphu doesn’t feel good.

Sayeed says, we will take our daughter. Bhai Miya agrees to send Iqra. Phuphu thinks something is suspicious. She tells JD that they have cancelled the valima. They are surely hiding something. JD asks, what is our gain in this? Phuphu says, will have definitely. JD asks about Maheen. Phuphu says, she stayed at her mother’s place. She asks JD to see her face instead of Maheen, as its equals to one Haj reward. JD jokes with her and leaves.

Rafia tells Sayeed that Iqra prepared the dish. Salman comes. Sayeed asks him to have food. Salman says, I have eaten the food. Iqra requests him to have food as she has prepared his favourite dish but Salman is still angry on her.


Nazim Saheb tells Bhai Miya that DCO Saheb is not agreeing with his proposal. Bhai Miya says, what will happen? I can’t decide on anything without talking to my workers. Bhai Miya asks him to arrange his meeting with him. Nazim Saheb says, he will not agree. Bhai Miya says, we won’t close our workshop. Nazim Saheb leaves.

Iqra tells Salman that she has pressed his shirt. Salman gets angry and asks, how dare you touch my clothes? I told you not to touch any of my things and warns her. Iqra gets teary eyed. Ali comes with Safia and tells Zainab that Ali got admission in London university. Zainab congrats them. Safia says, we don’t have anyone except you in this city. Ali stares at Alisa and spills tea on his shirt. Zainab asks Alisa to take him inside for washing his shirt. Alisa asks him, why you brought the sweets. Ali says, to distribute among the loved ones. she says, I like chocolates. Ali says, I will get it for you.


Rafia asks Salman to take Iqra to her mother’s home. Salman says, I don’t have time for the unneccesary things. Rafia says, she is your wife. Salman says, she is not my wife. She is forced on me. Iqra hears it and feels bad. He says, don’t expect anything from me. Rafia says, she is someone’s daughter. Salman asks, who was that girl who died for me? You brought her here so take care of her wishes. Zindagi ab Zindagi plays………..

Shanze tells Alisa that Ali sent chocolates for you. Shanze gives her one chocolate. Alisa says just one and goes to asks Ali. She throws chocolate on him. Ali says, I sent the packet but I think custom officer took it. Alisa thinks Shanze might have taken it.


Sayeed’s car gets punctured on the way. They take their car to Khalid’s mechanic shop. Sayeed asks him to repair his car. Khalid looks at Iqra and music plays. Rafia tells Iqra not to tell anything about Salman to her parents. She says, don’t tell them about Salman’s treatment towards you, his affair, about that girl who committed suicide and that Salman didn’t accept you as his wife until now. Khalid overhears everything and smiles. Iqra says don’t worry, I will not tell to anyone. Khalid repairs the car. Sayeed offers money, Khalid doesn’t take it. Sayeed thanks him. They leaves. Khalid seems happy.


In the University, Agha throws chit outside the window and then signs Shanze to throw it back during the exams. professor caught her and takes her to the examiner. She forgives her and asks her not to repeat her mistake.

Khalid tells JD that he has won. He says, it is my prayer’s efforts that I have won. He tells JD that Iqra is not happy at her home. I heard it with my own ears. JD asks, how did you know? Khalid says, she came to get her car repaired at my workshop. He tells JD about Salman’s affair. JD says, I will enquire about it.

Agha comes to Shanze and asks her, why you didn’t tell the examiner about me. Shanze says, I didn’t lie either. He asks, did you get scared with me? Shanze says no. JD tells Phuphu about Salman’s reality and Iqra’s unhappiness. Phuphu says, my doubt was right. JD says, tell me what we have to do now? Phuphu says, I will do something. We have to lay a trap for Iqra to get your car. He asks him to send Maheen there so that she will enquire about her.

Iqra is sleeping peacefully, Salman comes and switched on the TV to disturb her sleep. Iqra wakes up while he sleeps on the sofa. Zainab tells Maheen that Iqra is very happy there. Maheen says, she is not happy. Zainab asks, who told you. Maheen says, JD told me.


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