Kisay Apna Kahen 13th February 2014 *8th Episode* Written Update


Maheen tells Zainab that JD told her about Salman. Zainab says, there is no comparison between JD and Salman and what was JD’s need to spread this rumour. Maheen asks her to enquire about it. Zainab says, Iqra is my lovely daughter. Maheen says, it might be a rumour. She asks money for paying Laiba and Zara’s fees. Zainab says, we have given you money for the taxi. Maheen tells her that JD makes excuses whenever she asks for money. Zainab says, I will give you money.

Iqra serves the food to her family. She sits beside Salman. Salman gets up from the chair. Sayeed and Rafia ask him to sit and finish the food but he refuses. Iqra feels bad. Sayeed suggests to Salman to take Iqra for outing. Salman says, I don’t have time for the unnecessary things. Sayeed says, you married her. Salman says, you forced me to marry her, now she is your responsibility. Zainab calls at Iqra’s inlaws home. Rafia picks the call and greets her. Iqra takes the call and says I am fine. Zainab says, everyone are fine here. She asks, are you happy? Iqra says I am very happy, uncle, aunty and Salman take care of me. Zainab says, I got worried about you. Iqra says, don’t worry about me. I am fine. Zainab asks her to take care of herself.



Ali sees Alisa coming on the terrace and pretends to talk to Shazia. He says, you love me but I don’t love you. He asks her to forget him. Just then his phone rings. Alisa laughs as he is caught pretending. Ali makes excuses. Ali tells her that he is going to London. Alisa says, I will miss you.


Iqra offers Namaz and prays to Allah. Rafia asks Iqra, why you didn’t come for dinner. Iqra says, I didn’t like to have it. Rafia asks her to come to her room or watch TV. She checks her fever and goes to get tablet for her. Rafia tells Salman that Iqra is having fever. Salman says, I don’t care about her. Do you want me to take care of her? Rafia asks her to have pity on her. Salman asks, did my Iqra was not someone’s daughter? Rafia says, your wife needs your attention and love. Salman says, I won’t come home for lunch if you speaks about her. He gets angry.

Rafia takes Iqra to the hospital for getting the medicines for her fever. Khalid is standing nearby and looks at Iqra. Music plays………..He follows them to her house.

JD comes to Khalid’s garage and looks at his car. Khalid asks him to come. JD says, you have everything. Khalid says, I will get everything, truth will be out soon. JD says, I am very worried. Khalid asks him to give Iqra’s telephone number. JD asks, what I will get? Khalid says, I will give you the car on rent. JD wonders from where to get Iqra’s number. He says, I will try. He asks Maheen to get Iqra’s number. Maheen says, she has Landline number and I don’t have her number. JD asks her to get from her mother. Maheen asks him to get Iqra’s number from her father. JD says, I need to talk to Salman. Maheen asks, what is the matter. JD gets angry and leaves.

Khalid tells Majid that Iqra is not happy after marriage. He says, I want to get her. Majid says, this love is making you nuts. Khalid says, think whatever you like. JD comes and gives Iqra’s number to Khalid. Khalid gives the car keys to JD and asks him to share his earrings with him. JD says, you are very shameless. Khalid says, it is like a dream. JD asks him not to tell anyone that he gave the phone number of Iqra.

Khalid calls on Iqra’s landline number. Sayeed picks the call but Khalid stays silent. Iqra comes and gives tea to Sayeed. Khalid calls again. Iqra picks the call. Khalid says, I am Aamir, your admirer…I want to make friendship with you. Iqra says, I am married. She tells Sayeed that it was a wrong number.

Zainab comes to Iqra’s home. Zainab asks Iqra, don’t you take care of yours. Iqra cries and hugs her. She says, I miss you all very much. She says, I am very happy as you came here. Zainab asks, did Salman take care of you? Iqra praises Salman and her inlaws. Rafia brings the tea. She praises Iqra. Zainab says, it is Iqra’s home only. I want to take her home for 2 days. Iqra refuses to come with her and says this is my home. I want to live here.


Shanze tells her friends that she couldn’t submit her form as the counter is closed. Her friend asks her to take the help of Agha. Shanze refuses to take his help, but her friends ask her to take his help. Shanze agrees. She goes to Agha. Agha agrees to help him. Agha comes to the counter and submits the form.


Rafia and Iqra come to the supermarket. Khalid follows them. He tries to hold her hand. Iqra is shocked. Khalid tells her that he loves her. Rafia comes and says lets go. He comes home. Iqra opens the gate and asks, you….here? Khalid says, I know you are not happy here. Iqra says, it is none of your business. Iqra asks him to leave. She says, you shall be ashamed? He says, I will reach your heart. Iqra closes the gate.


Khalid calls on the Landline number again. Salman picks the call. Iqra gets tensed.


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