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Sexual assault on women has become a common thing in India today. Channel V brings a show based on the real incidents of sexual abuse of women which is happening in various cities across the country. Heroes – The Fightback Files is a re-enacted drama series. Every woman has a hero within her, which she is not aware of. A woman always underestimates herself of her capabilities and strength. A woman has the ability to withstand bad times. If she is assaulted for a longer time, her strength to bear it breaks.


She feels the time has come to stop bearing the crime act on her and fight back. Thus, she brings out the hero within her and fights for justice. This is not a man’s world. A man should respect a woman who brings him in this world. If he does not, a woman better knows how to teach him that. This show brings you some amazing stories of strength, justice, heroism and courage which will shake your conscience and make you proud to be a woman. Women are not the weaker sex. It’s time to make it clear to the world. If it’s not now, then it’s never. The show is starting on Channel V from February 23rd 2014 every Sunday. Follow Heroes on our site.


  1. I want to share my story with u bt its nt sexual assault its just my dad who used to beat us day to today life I don’t want to do me my mom n sis suffering alot plz guys help me take out mefrom this worst situation today also he used stone sumtyms belt bat for beaten us he tortured us mentally n physically both

    • Hi Tannu,

      It’s sad to hear your story. Abuse of any kind to women from anybody is unacceptable. Your problem is very personal as the abuse is done at home, we cannot comment on it directly and also we don’t look into the solutions – social/legal for such abuses. We can only suggest you a bit and give our support
      – Try to resolve this matter within the family after taking help of other relatives..
      – Seek legal help and report to concerned authorities if needed, there are many laws that support women’s safety and rights. Be Strong
      – Thinking needs to be changed.. Patriachial thinking needs to change so as to remove this type of abuse
      – When TellyReviews writes an article on shows like Heroes, Halla Bol, Satyamev Jayate, we feel to put also a small part of our emotions into the post. It’s not easy to write on such topics, but we cover them because all these shows are doing a great job and wants to change our society and do good.

  2. I want to tell my story. It’s not about harassment, it’s more than that. Mental, physical and emotional torture. I was in Hyderabad, was working in a famous research institute. I am a post graduate in life science. I joined his lab by september 2012. He use to torture me like hell, I am an asthama patient and he used to give cleaning work of cold room at temperature 4C. He want me to work from morning 1o till night 10 and do all stupid gossips for me, against me. I worked in his lab, at his home like a labour. I was the only person in his lab who used to work more than 10 hours and others used to do all buttering to him. I never did dat thats why he used to give me more and m0re work. My room mate was his very close_____. I dont know what to say.. She was working in his lab from morethan two years. People in that research organisation used to call her, his wife. My boss age was 35+ and her age was 26. She used to tell everything like what I am wearing, to whom I am talking to, by what time I got up. both made me to suffer from a big mental trauma. Bcoz of him, I became a patient of depression. That organisation is having so many workers to clean things, but he use to tell me to swipe lab. There are somany things to say.. He used to demorlize me always in front of everyone. He was such a miser person. He use to take all of us to canteen and he used to select what he wants to eat,and at the time of billing, he used to stand behind me. His salary was morethan 50000 and mine was 12000, on occasion of diwali, holi, we all lab members use to go home, mine is at lucknow, we came for 10 or 14 days. He used to deduct only my salary around 5000. I was alone in hyd, i have to manage all the things and imagine, what can I get in 7000. Fare, food, clothes, mobile recharges and everything. Then I decided to gave resign from his lab. I put forward an application by saying dat my grana condition is not well. After that, my elder brother came to take me home, the organization where I was working is a central goverment organization. I was on temporary position. My brother was staying in guest house. One day, I was going in his room, den guest house incharge came, I was crying, he asked me why I am crying, I told him whole story, he told me not to cry and motivated me to take action against him and that girl. Almost 60% organization even the director sir was with me. I wrote a complaint against him, about eight pages and gave that to director sir. Sir told me more things about him, like he was the one in the institute who use to say North Indians are more good than south Indians, just to raise some fights and all. Director sir told me, that his wife cried in front of Director General of that institute just for his promotion. We all were together against him, then we all had a meeting together in director sir cabin, me, my bhaiya, director sir, most senior scientist and my boss.. I said everything on his face. And director sir was in full support of me. My written complaint went into his service book and now he will not even get a promotion, not even a student. I told director sir about him, that first of all, he need to learn science, he need to follow rules whatever made for scientists, and please do not spoil future of students like me who came in this institutes with somany hopes. That institute is a big CSIR institute. That is my story. There are somany things ,dat I skipped in between about my boss behave. But by this I felt like I did a great job. Most of the students resigned from his lab becoz of his behavior and that girl behavior. They must be blessing me for taking that big step against him.


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