Ru Baru 16th January 2014 * 3rd Episode* Written Update


Sarmad checks Shabi’s pulse and fever. He lifts and takes her to the room. Tipu calls Sarmad and asks about Shabi. Sarmad is speechless. Tipu says, we will be coming to your house with breakfast. Dadijaa asks him, did you talk to Shabi. Tipu says, I talked to Sarmad. Sarmad wakes up Shabi. Shabi tries to get up, Sarmad asks her to rest. He says you have high fever. He takes out her jewellery. Suddenly he gets an attack and he pushes Shabi on the bed. Shabi is shocked. He comes to the balcony and see Shabi’s family entering his house. He gets worried. Doctor comes and checks Shabi. He asks Dadijaa to give tablets to Shabi. Dadijaa gets worried. Nafisa asks her not to worry. Saleema says, what might have happened last night. Tipu says, what Sarmad will think. Kiran gets worried about the reception. Nafisa says, we will take Shabi with us. Sarmad agrees. Everyone leaves from the room. Sarmad threatens Shabi that if she tells anything to Dadijaa or others then she have to face the worst. He asks her to get ready.



Nafisa praises the brides Kiran and Shabi after the Valima Dawat. Jameel says, thank God that Valima is done. Jameel says, my head is paining and asks for tea. Nafisa goes to bring tea. Dadijaa looks at Shabi’s photo and gets emotional. Nafisa tells her not to worry about Shabi as she is married now. Dadijaa says, she didn’t want to go there. Nafisa asks her to let go of all the doubts from her heart.

Sarmad comes to the room and finds Shabi sleeping. He goes out of the room. Next morning, Shabi comes out of the room and looks at the photo. Karamdeen says, Sarmad went out. Shabi asks, when he will come back. Karamdeen says, don’t know.

Tipu calls Sarmad and invites him for dinner. Karamdeen serves dinner to Shabi. Shabi asks him about the photo on the wall. He says, She is Sarmad’s mom. Shabi asks him about Sarmad’s parents and asks how did they died? Karamdeen says, I can’t speak much. Kiran comes and gives the jewellery to her mom Saleema. Saleema asks her to wear it. She tells her not to give space to Tipu. She asks her to wear something bright and asks her to keep an eye on Tipu.

Shabi sees the room open and goes inside. Karamdeen comes and says this room is closed, no one is permitted in this room. Shabi asks, why? Karamdeen says, nobody asked about this before. Sarmad is standing near the beach and recalls Shabi. Shabi looks at the wall photos of Sarmad. She calls Dadijaa and says I am fine now. Dadijaa asks her to give the call to Sarmad. Shabi says, he is not at home. Dadijaa tells her about the function at their home. She asks her to reach on time. She asks, are you happy? I can’t live in this house without you. Shabi says, don’t worry else I will cry. She says, I will come in the evening.

Shabi calls Sarmad but his phone is switched off. Tipu compliments Kiran. He asks, did you call Shabi? Kiran says, I don’t have time. She gets angry. Tipu says, she is our cousin. Karamdeen comes and gives the call to Shabi. Tipu asks her to come home fast. Shabi waits for Sarmad to come. Sarmad comes home and looks angrily at Shabi. Shabi tells him about his clothes kept on the bed and leaves. Sarmad smiles.


Kiran greets everyone. Tipu calls Sarmad. Sarmad says, we will be there in 15 mins. Shabi comes home with Sarmad. Dadijaa asks her to eat. Ariz tells Shabi that Tipu gave bracelet to Kiran for Muh Dikhayi. He asks, what did you get in Muh Dikhayi? Sarmad says, diamond ring. Shabi says, I didn’t wear it. Saleema asks, why you didn’t wear it. Shabi says, I don’t have the habit to wear naa. Jameel asks Sarmad about his future plans. Sarmad says, I will establish my own business. Tipu says, I will have picnic on the beach. In the car, Sarmad gives a ring to Shabi. Shabi thanks him. Sarmad asks, didn’t you like it? Shabi says, it is good. Sarmad says, it is Muh Dikhayi ring. He makes her wear the ring. Tipu asks Kiran to get ready fast. Shabi gets ready to go on a picnic. Sarmad smiles looking at her.




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