Kunal and Shraddha’s Sangeet to enthrall everyone in Meri Bhabhi



Shergill family has hired a choreographer to get their dance steps right. Ritika is Ishaan’s friend who is teaching everyone some solid dance moves which will swing everyone in the show. Bua is against this dance drama and wants a simple wedding as its Shraddha’s second marriage. Zor wants to fulfill his every desire and do the best in his daughter’s marriage as he did not do his part in her first marriage which she did by eloping with Bobby.


The Sangeet function starts with a bang with everyone performing on current and retro hits. Kunal dances to impress his to be bride Shraddha. Kittu and Anand express their happiness by their super amazing dance on the retro hit. The elders also dance on hit tracks. Every couple of the show gives a excellent performance and gives the viewers a colorful and spoonful Sangeet eye treat. Kamini looks happy now. Will she try again to stop the wedding? Only time can tell.


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