Birth of Indraprasth by Lord’s blessings to Pandavas in Mahabharat



After the amazing clash between Arjun and Lord Indra, it was Lord Krishna who intervened and stopped their fight. Lord Indra gifted the new kingdom Indraprasth which was born by turning the barren land into a well flourished city. Indra is much happy with the Pandavas. With Lord Indra and Lord Krishna’s blessings, the Pandavas have a long way to go.


Karan is asked by Shakuni to do Adharma being a king if it is needed for his kingdom. Karan chooses to resign as a king and remove his crown rather than doing Adharma. Duryodhan gets angry on him as this is not the way he is returning his big favour. Karan promises his loyal services to Duryodhan as a friend. Dhritrashtra does not want Kunti to be a part of Indraprasth as he wants her to set an example for others by staying back in Hastinapur. We are waiting for the Kurukshetra war which will be the final Adhya in the Mahabharat. It will happen after Draupadi’s Cheerharan. Still much time for it. We will keep you informed!!


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