Ayaan to prop up Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi


Pakhi asks Tanya to prove her mettle. For Pakhi to leave Anshuman and go away from his life, Tanya has to prove it to her that she will a better wife and better mum than Pakhi. Tanya laughs on Pakhi and sounds confident that she will win in the challenge.


Pakhi is still Mrs. Anshuman Rathore. Will she be able to save her marriage? Ayaan started a mission Tanya Bhagao with the help of Girish and they have started fooling Tanya and start bringing Pakhi and Anshuman closer. Will Ayaan be able to help Pakhi?

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4tYbcgQtdA]


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