Baldev to say I love You to Veera while celebrating Holi in Veera



Gunjan stole all the jewellery and is ready to run away from the house leaving the goody goody Ranvi in shock. She plans to hurt him by dumping him. Ranvi is unaware of Gunjan’s plan. Veera comes to see Gunjan executing her plan and catches her red handed. Veera confronts and stops her as she can’t see her brother hurt. Gunjan is not the one to keep quiet. Veera keeps an eye on her during the Holi celebrations.


Baldev and Veera dances on the song Balam Pichkari on Holi day. After the dance sequence, Baldev admits his love for her saying I love you a lot. The Dhol plays and due to its high sound, Veera misses to hear his love admittance. Veera goes away leaving him thinking. But the day is long, Baldev has to find some other way to illustrate his love. Let’s see what he does and how!!



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