Holi festivity brings Akash and Poonam’s naughty side out in Ek Ghar Banaunga



Its Holi’s time. Every show is covering that to make TRP’s rise. The current one is Ek Ghar Banaunga. The show has the first Holi celebrations for the not much recently married Akash and Poonam. Akash wants to make it special for Poonam by showering his love and colors on her. Poonam as always looks gorgeous and Akash is much adorable. They play the Holi and do two good things on the festive day.


Firstly, they bring Jai and Kanno closer by mixing Bhaang in their Thandai. They want Jai to realize his love for Kanno. Secondly, Poonam calls Deepak and Kiran and tries to unite them with their parents and end all the differences. Vandana and Prabhunath are shocked to see Deepak. The Holi brings a change in Deepak and he turns positive. He accepts Poonam’s decision and apologizes to their parents. So, the good doing couple as always brings happiness around him and also they have some romantic hugs and closeness in the Holi play. Good one to see!!


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