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Aamir introduces the audience who are the people who visited abroad and some students. He says when we need beautiful locales, we visit foreign countries. Those countries are very clean unlike India. Our country is also beautiful, but no way clean. Does Indians like cleanliness or not? Don’t we have money to spend on cleanliness? Let’s see the muncipalities. They spend 2300 crores in cleaning Mumbai. They can in turn earn money from cleaning. Every one home can earn, let’s see how. First, the AV is shown about India.

16 crores tons junk is got every day in India. They are dumped on the grounds which are 1000 acres of area. They are becoming like junk mountains. When the junk is burned, it gives you bad fumes ofchemicals and also it makes the water real full and genuine updates of this show only on tellyreviews contagious. Aamir says so many diseases are spreading because of junk. Aamir talks to some people by 3G. The people tell him that there are so many people that are getting affected, like abortions, handicapped kids etc. Aamir invites Rishi Aggarwal, Activist who tells about corporate frauds and intentional mishandling.

He says Mumbai’s budget is high and there are many illegal activists, the politicians must be in jail for this. He says the dumping grounds are of public, but are given to private party but they are not processing. He tells them about tipping like Rs. 500 per ton. He says its also trip money like Rs. 2000 for one trip. Contractors are taking money and not processing the junk, they are simply dumping it. He tells about dry and wet junk which should be kept separated and should be treated. This law is not followed by municipal corporation. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the principles which are not followed.


Aamir says let’s look at the ways now. The AV shows a dumping ground of Mumbai. Dr. S. R. Maley is the man who has reduced it from the junk mountain to flat ground. He says it was mixed junk, with stones also. He sanitized it by herbal products so that their should not be any dieases. He tells about good bacteria which acted on the junk. The flies and bacteria decomposed the junk. He says the people should separate the junk at homes and reduce it. The junk makes fertilizers which are balanced plant food. He says that 0.16 million (1 lakh and 60,000) tonnes of junk is produced every day at 424 municipal corporations in India.

Dr. Sharad P. Kale, Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research centre (BARC) has converted the junk into bio gas. He says junk is not junk, but a property. Everything should go back to nature, but not to dumping ground. Some big companies and schools can have this technique. We are selling this plants for only Rs. 25000. He says we should make the society free from dumping yards. Nuriel Pezarker, Enterpreneur, tells about the offer he has for municipalities. He says we target the bulk producers of the wet junk, we use it in commercial plants by reusing it to make gas.

He says we will not take tipping free, this is our offer, we want only junk. He says we will share the revenue with them also. The problem corporations tell us that we don’t have junk, we have already did a contract. Ravi Agarwal, Director, Toxics Link, shares his opinion. He says the junk in different countries is different. The junk should not be burned as Dioxin gas is released which is very dangerous. It is a chemical compound which was used in Vietnam War to burn the jungles.


Aamir says we invited 8 Municipal Commissioners on this show but 7 did not reply and one replied that he won’t come. Aamir invites the junk cleaners who has started Swach waste collection plant. Saru Waghmare from Swach tells about her tough life. Aamir thanks everyone who works with junk read full and original updates of this show only on tellyreviews material and salutes them. Dr B. Janardhan Reddy, IPS say that municipal commissioners don’t see the junk yard, I arranged the meetings in the dump yard to make them aware of it.


Vivek Yadav, IPS talks about the population of 60 lakhs of Warangal city in Andhra Pradesh. C. Srinivasan, Project Director, Indian Green Service (IGS), tells about using the animals to treat the junk. He says the cows eat the junk and give cow dung. We then treat the cow dung to get Methane gas. He says then the cow dung is fed to the tortoises which also give the dung which is the best fertilizer for plants. He says there is no machine which can substitute the work done by animals. He says the frogs does the night duty unlike hens. He says the ducks eat fishes junk. They produce many eggs in one day.

Aamir says what can we do about plastics? Dr. R. Vasudevan has introduced the Plastic Tar Roads. Dr. Almitra Patel, Convener of the INTACH Waste Network is welcomed on the show who has done a lot of work in making the country clean. Aamir asks the people to separate the junk on their types and believe on the principle. Hope India becomes clean soon!! Satyamev Jayate!!


Aam ke aam honge, ghutliyoon ke daam honge, Chilke seb santron ke liye apni shaan honge….. (Mangoes will produce mangoes, that will be cheaper, it will be a pride for other fruits….. ) is sung by the show’s band. The show ends on a positive note.

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  1. good episode…whole system is corrupt we cant expect anything from them.if we want change that is if we want our nation clean and beutiful@ we should start right from our home.and should also support those people who are genuinely trying to bring good change in system.

  2. Good episode.. Good topic..
    Thanx for giving update.
    We should not blame only system. Every individual is responsible for this. In India, people put trash in others propoerty or on public places.
    Awareness programs among students is the best thing since next generation can make it work. IF people doesnt have money make biogas, they can convert decomposible junks into biofertilizer.

    NO offense. For last 1 week, this site was slow in updating.

  3. Hi I want contact details regarding gorai experiment and nuriel pezarkar so that I can contact them and if he is ready to take waste from our ambernath muncipal corporation. Thank u waiting 4 ur rply


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