Sandhya to encounter Naxalites in the jungle in Diya Aur Baati Hum



Roma has been captured by the Naxalites as she was lost in the jungle, thanks to Zakir, who has damaged the compass. The Naxalites use Roma as a means to attract Officer Singh and all her cadets. Officer Singh comes to rescue Roma and does not know that she is being watched by the Naxalites and she is actually getting into their trap. Sandhya comes with Zakir, Rahul and others and saves Officer Singh from them. Officer Singh gets impressed by Sandhya.


Back to the camp, Officer Singh teaches them weapon making by using jungle resources. Later on, Sandhya does gun shooting task well by the trick taught by Sooraj. She used her other eyes and focuses on the target. Zakir is shocked to see Sandhya’s progress and her fine aim. Sandhya scores better than Zakir which he can’t take up.

Sandhya will be facing the Naxalites’ head and that tackle down will make her win the Best Cadet Trophy. Even Zakir will be accepting that as he respects true and deserving cadets. It has to been how the sequence will be shot, it will be interesting for sure. We hope to see Sandhya win the posting in Pushkar and stay with Sooraj. Poor Sooraj has been waiting for her training to end all the 11 months and now it is time he becomes proud of his IPS wife Sandhya. Way to go Sandhya!!



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