Priya returns to Kapoor Mansion in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.



Ram listens to his heart and asks Priya to return to him being his wife. Even though she is very happy, she gets worried about Pihu’s treatment towards her. Ram asks what matters to her? Priya says Ram matters to her but she is concerned about his family members. Ram assures her that everything will be fine. He orders his family to behave nicely with Priya else leave the house. He warns Pihu to respect her mom else she can go to Sammy’s house.


Pihu is shocked at the sudden turn of events. She couldn’t believe that Ram has chosen Priya over her. Ram brings Priya home. Priya gets emotional and happy seeing her house and reminiscences the time spent at Kapoor Mansion. She is greeted by her twin daughters Pari and Mayra. Pihu is angry to see her face. Pihu will be shocked when Suhani enters with Khush. It seems Priya convinced Suhani to return with her. Natasha convinces Suhani to marry Khush for everyone’s happiness. Suhani agrees for marriage.

Ram declares that Khush and Suhani will get married soon as they are still unmarried. He plans to marry them. He announces their wedding. Pihu loses her cool. Sammy thinks Suhani lied to him of her marriage with Khush and starts dreaming about getting her back in his life. The current track is focus on Khush, Suhani, Sammy and Pihu. Keep reading Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.


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