Aditi arrested by police, Shlok and Astha safe and together in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir



After the tiff between Aditi and Shlok to take off the gun from her hands, Shlok pushes her away. Shlok gets hurt as a bullet just touches his hand. Astha is super worried seeing that. Shlok realizes that Aditi’s revenge was justified as she held him responsible for Swati’s state. Shlok breaks down seeing Swati die infront of his eyes. Aditi cries and tells him how much Swati loved him and he thought she was the bad phase of his life. She says you might have forgot Swati and moved on in life with Astha, but Swati did not forget you.


Shlok is shaken up seeing his first love die. He feels helpless. Astha cries seeing Shlok feel so low. The police reaches there on time and Aditi gets arrested. That’s the end of her character, as of now, let’s see if she returns again in the show with some other motive. Shlok and Astha are safe now and happily together. Now, its Astha’s tough task to bring out Shlok permanently from Swati’s memories, now that he has himself witnessed her death. Astha has to make him realize that Swati is gone forever and Swati did not cheat him. Shlok has to believe in love again, that true love never cheats. We hope Shlok believes in Astha and showers his love on her soon!!



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