Pankhudi brings Kaira back to Diwaan Mansion in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai



Vikram has thrown a lavish party for the welcome of Kaira in his family. Pankhudi comes to know that Vikram has been blackmailing Aditya and Avantika for long asking them to pay for his Rs 200 crore loss. Vikram’s demands are increasing and he is becoming more evil. Pankhudi breaks the truth to Anisha Nani and she is shocked. Anisha and Pankhudi plan to bring Vikram’s truth out to everyone. Kaira hears Vikram talking to Amrita and admitting what all he has done with her family and what all he will do in future.


Kaira is stunned knowing Vikram is using her. Pankhudi and Anisha come to Vikram and they have a long argument. They decide to take Kaira home. Kaira is brought back to the Diwaan mansion and everyone does not understand her entry. Pankhudi tells the family about Vikram’s dirty game. After knowing from Amrita that Kaira left home, Varun goes to bring her from the Diwaan mansion. Rubel gets angry on Varun and asks him to leave. Vikram comes to know that Amrita is pregnant and it makes him feel happy and responsible. Will Vikram change and become good for the sake of his child? Will Pankhudi and Adi bring happiness in Kaira’s life? Keep reading.



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