Rudra’s fake affection for Paro to turn true in Rangrasiya



Rudra and Paro got married. We all know how!! In a drunken state…. Everyone in their family know the reason behind the marriage and Mohini makes sure Rudra acts well with Paro infront of the social welfare women. Those women come to see whether Rudra keeps Paro well or ill treats her. Rudra feels helpless and shows love for Paro infront of them. Paro too acts to support him, though she is in true love with him.


Paro tells him that his job will never be at any risk because of her and she will help him as much as she can. Rudra promises her that he will make her life hell, but his promise can no longer be fulfilled. Rudra has no option but to care and love Paro. Let’s see whether his artificial affection turns true. Rudra cares about his BSF job and it is duty to protect Paro as he feels her life is still unsafe. Rudra will get back his job only if he keeps Paro happy. Will Paro be able to win his heart? What will be Mohini’s next move against Rudra? Keep reading.


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