Kumud lands up with Jugnu; Saras’ hound begins again in Saraswatichandra



Kumud is facing much problems ever since she decided to know about Ghuman’s past. Kumud was dying to know the secret which she felt might be fruitful for her. Nevertheless, she got caught in Chandni Bazaar in Sunanda’s evil clutches. Saras tried hard to free her. He even arranged one crore to get her, but luck did not support the lovers. Kumud was taken away by Jugnu. Jugnu is in love with Kumud and paid fifty lakhs to Sunanda for her.


Sunanda regrets the deal and tells Saras that he is late and Jugnu already took Kumud with him. Saras is stunned and his search beings again. Saras and Kumud can’t live without each other. The lovebirds are restless and await uniting. Kumud was unconscious when Jugnu took her. She wakes up and sees a new place and is shocked to see herself dressed as a bride, and Jugnu trying to win her love. She pleads him that she loves only her husband Saras and he can’t win her love. Jugnu behaves well with her and respects her. Kumud tries to explain him asking him to set her free. But will Jugnu’s love let him sacrifice? Will Saras reach Kumud before anything worst happens? Keep reading.



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