Bhabho prays at Ajmer Dargah for Sandhya winning the Best Cadet Trophy


Diya aur Baati Hum

Suraj is only visiting Sandhya for her IPS awards ceremony. Bhabho in order to compensate for not going at the ceremony goes with Emily to Ajmer Dargah to seek divine blessings and praying there so that Sandhya wins the Best Cadet Trophy. Before her travel to Ajmer, she first visits Jaipur and spends some time with her fans.


On their way to Ajmer in a bus, Bhabho and Emily are seen playing Antakshari and are having a good time. Bhabho speaks that though her primary reason to visit Ajmer dargah was for Sandhya but she also prayed for all her family. She got all the positive vibrations and also going from their with much happiness in her heart.

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