Love blooming between Sameer and Meher; Sameer to be kidnapped in Nadaan Parindey



Meher and Sameer are childhood friends and they care about each other a lot. This makes everyone envy about them. Nimmi calls the panchayat and drags Bebe and Sameer in it. She blames Bebe for misleading Meher and making her go against her family. The panchayat gives the decision against Bebe and asks her and Sameer to stay away from Meher. Bebe is broken as she treats Meher as her daughter. Meher is forced by Nimmi to meet a guy who is interested in marrying her. Nimmi wants to marry off Meher in 7 days as she has seen her passport and thinks Meher can ruin their family name if she runs with someone else.


Nimmi is doubting Meher’s character and does not want it to hurt Minty and Balli’s future. Meher does not want to marry and tells this to Sameer. Sameer and Meher are getting closer and love is starting to blossom between them. But before he could realize anything, Malik’s eye is on him. Malik orders his men to kidnap Sameer. Sameer is unaware of the danger prevailing on his head. Will Sameer be able to save himself and Bebe from his upcoming hazard? Watch Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aa Ja on Life Ok.

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  1. Meher will not get married to this NRI from Canada so nothing to worry there. The operation will be successful to kidnap Sameer and then he will change.


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