Halla Bol 25th April 2014 Episode 9 Promo – Fight Sexual Harassment at Office


Halla Bol Bindass

Karan Tacker (the host): Asks for how long a girl should bore the brunt of sexual harassment. Jasmine’s fight was against her boss in office who was sexually harassing her.


The promo shows that the boss forcibly touching her in office and he is seen telling her that he has full control in office and he wants her to accept his friendship and in return he will help her in realizing a good career. Jasmine’s friend is seen speaking about her boss’s power and position. Jasmine says that now she will not be patient and it is then seen that she is slapping her boss hard inside his car thus she stood and fought back against the perpretrator and said – Halla Bol!

Halla Bol Episode 9

Images credit: Official Facebook Page of Bindass

[youtube id=http://youtu.be/d_4RYkG9PRs]



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