Radha plans to kill Gauri and put blame on Gopi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya



The Modi family is planning to go on a summer camp trip with the kids. The kids are happy that the elders are also accompanying them. Kokila had the memory loss and she faced many tensions after that in the form of the woman who claimed she is Gauri/Meera’s mum. Everyone thinks Kokila needs a positive change and she should spend some time away from home. Rashi and Jigar are happy that they can be together after a long time.


They even plan to bring Gopi and Ahem closer. But Radha has some other plans. She thinks she has done a big mistake by keeping Meera alive years ago and now this is the golden opportunity for her to kill Gauri/Meera and put all the blame on Gopi, so that Ahem stands against Gopi. She wants to dig a big valley between them from where their love can never surface up. Poor Gopi is unaware of Radha’s evil plan. Will she be able to save her daughter this time? Will Gauri’s truth being Meera come out? Keep reading for more!!


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