Durga knocks down Mathur and prepares for next target Raima in Ek Hasina Thi



Durga hacked into Mathur’s laptop and sent an email to Sakshi Goenka threatening her of reopening the old rape case against Shaurya. Sakshi hires the task to find out about the blackmailer. Shaurya raids in Mathur’s home and finds the evidence of Mathur betraying them and joining hands with their arch rival Chaudhary. Mathur was being applauded by the Kolkata Commerce committee and being awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year.


But his happiness turned upside down when Sakshi and Rajnath arrives in the function and instead of presenting him the award, Sakshi calls him the betrayer of the year and accuses him of leaking their business informing to Chaudhary. Mathur tries hard to clarify but the Goenkas does not believe him. Mathur tells them that he is framed and he can’t think of cheating them, as he is loyal to them since 15 years. Sakshi makes Mathur get arrested. Durga tells Payal that her mission to ruin the Goenkas has climbed the first step. What will be Durga’s next move to seek justice for Payal? Durga will be targeting Raima now. Watch EK Hasina Thi on Star Plus.

Additional Info: Durga Thakur’s secret planning room – For Brainstorming and strategic planning to hunt down her targets
(Mathur – hunted down; Raima – Work in Progress, Shaurya’s sister and others)
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/EnwKGgMYLk4]


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