Snapshot Reviews on 1st May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Raman brings Ishita home from the police station. Everyone wants an answer from Ishita. Ishita exposes Parmeet and his dirty thirst for her infront of everyone. Raman is shocked to know Parmeet tried to molest Ishita in everyone’s absence. While Raman was feeling maybe Ishita is right, Parmeet turned the table round and has put all the blame on Ishita. Parmeet pointed on Ishita’s bad character by showing the family the dirty messages in his mobile from Ishita’s number claiming she has sent them. He tells them that she urged him to have a physical relation with her as she did not get any such pleasures from Raman. Simmi slaps Ishita believing her husband and taunts her for hitting on Parmeet as she could not get Raman. The Bhallas are in a state of shock. Parmeet plays the game very safe and thinks how he has used Ishita’s phone which she left at home for charging. H/e thinks now Raman will believe only him after seeing the messages. Raman is left in a confused state seeing Parmeet’s prove against Ishita. Ishita is shattered to know that Raman did not believe her being her husband. (Parmeet is a moron and should be kicked hard…. Hope Raman does that soon in coming episodes!!)



Danny gets Menka’s passport in her room and calls Saras informing him that Menka will surely come to take the passport and asks him to come home at the earliest. Saras and Kumud meet Menka at the Vyas house and try their best to know the name of his brother. Menka does not tell them the name worrying about Ghuman. Kumud atlast tells her that Saras’s brother’s life is in danger and they should know his name in order to save him. Menka breaks down as she really loves Kabir having done his upbringing since he was a little baby. (Glad to see Menka has a heart unlike Ghuman!!) She cries and asks Saras to save Kabir from Ghuman. Saras and Kumud are shocked to know Saras’s brother is Kabir. Saras thinks he always felt some connection between them, the feeling that Kabir is not a stranger but a part of his family. While Ghuman also knows the truth now that Kabir has cheated her, she asks Kabir to go UK alone and she will join him there by next flight as she does not want anyone to know about their relation. Kabir agrees not knowing that Ghuman is a step ahead of him. (So the hunt for Kabir will begin now. Ghuman will try to hurt him and Saras will try to save him. Interesting scenes ahead shot in UK!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Abhay decides to confront Anjali for keeping Jyoti with them all these days and giving them a run for their money. Abhay and his Bua land up in Agnihotri mansion. Abhay asks Anjali about Jyoti while Anjali has no idea where is Jyoti. He tells her that Jyoti left home two days ago and he saw her in the temple with her in the morning. Anjali is clueless. (Poor Anjali can get beaten up by Niranjan again for Jyoti’s matter!!) Abhay asks her not to hide Jyoti anymore as he wants to take his wife home with him. Abhay creates a scene infront of Niranjan blaming Anjali which makes Niranjan lay his angry eyes on Anjali. Shlok warns Abhay to be careful saying if he knows the reason of Jyoti running away is Abhay’s torture, then he will not leave him at any cost. Abhay gets tensed and tells him that he kept Jyoti with much love. Astha thinks she really saw someone like Jyoti in the temple. (Astha has to keep her mouth shut this time else she will be facing Niranjan’s anger. Let’s see how does Niranjan react!!)

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman comes to meet Lavanya and Girish and breaks the news about Pakhi’s pregnancy. Lavanya slaps him for doubting on Pakhi’s character. Anshuman tells her that maybe his dad’s fate in with him and as his mum cheated his dad, his wife cheated him. Girish explains him the goodness of Pakhi and how she has taken care of his family without any expectations. He tells her that Pakhi stayed in his life only to lessen his pain which he has hidden in his heart about his parent’s separation. Girish asks Anshuman to think once that it might be someone’s clever plan against Pakhi. He tells him that Pakhi is indeed pure and she is being framed. (Anshuman gets some sense at last, but its too late!!) Anshuman gets Prithvi/Rohan at the bar and beats him. Prithvi tells him that he was planted in their life as Rohan by Tanya. Prithvi calls Tanya and Anshuman hears Tanya admitting that she has framed Pakhi to make her leave from Anshuman’s life. Anshuman is shocked and comes home. She does not find Pakhi and cries thinking how rudely he has insulted Pakhi with his bitter sharp words pointing on her purity and character. (Anshuman should cry, not for one day, but atleast for a week, he deserves this. Pakhi should leave him, such a disgusting man who believes a fake report and not his loyal wife. Foolishness at its peak!!)

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Madhu runs after the mental hospital van in which RK is being taken. RK beats those people and escapes from the van. RK and Madhu miss to see each other on the road, but later on Madhu sees him. She shouts RK and he turns to see her. It is a moment of happiness for Madhu and RK. RK and Madhu run towards each other, but cruel Abhay hits RK with a truck. (How did Abhay knew the exact location of RK??) RK bleeds on the road getting unconscious. Madhu is shocked seeing his state and rushes him to the hospital. The operation is done and RK is really serious. The doctor tells Madhu that there are very little chances that he will survive as he got severe head injury. Madhu comes home and challenges the Lord to prove its existence. She asks Kanha ji to save her suhaag as she will be breaking the Karwachauth fast only with RK. Its time for Madhu’s devotion in Lord and Kanha ji has to testify now. RK is shown battling with his life in the operation theatre. (Abhay is a coward to take revenge by unfair means. He could not beat RK back when he was getting beaten up by him at his home. He is not a man enough. Abhay’s character is getting more grey day by day.We hope see some RK – Madhu cute scenes tomorrow!!)



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