Pragya worries about her upcoming marriage in Kumkum Bhagya


It actually turns out that Suresh was actually dreaming about confessing his love for Bulbul in front of everyone. Sooner then, Pragya finds out about his love for Bulbul when she visited his room and finds Suresh’s diary expressing his love for Bulbul in words and also her photo. Pragya keeps quiet and doesn’t inform her mother and others about Suresh’s love.


She meets Suresh on the terrace and informs him about her knowing about Suresh’s love for Bulbul. Suresh becomes surprised for which she explains how she found out that revelation. She asks him why he did to her ? She reminds to him about sending rose and ring. Suresh is speechless with his guilt and the blunders that made that caused his engagement with Pragya. Both Suresh and Pragya are now in dilemma about their marriage. Bulbul returns from her work visit with Purab.

Suresh keeps quiet at the moment and also doesn’t want to inform even Bulbul as he comes to know that Bulbul in most certainty Bulbul will not accept his love. Pragya suggests to Suresh that if he loves Bulbul so dearly then she will help him by speaking with Bulbul so that he gets his love. But, Suresh doesn’t want Pragya to interfere now as he believes that already because of his confusion much damage has been done and he wants to sort out things slower.

At their college, both Pragya and Suresh are congratulated on their engagement making them uncomfortable. When Pragya goes to a bookstore and holds the book – My first love and remembers about Suresh, just after that moment she finds Abhi the rockstar speaking on the phone with Purab about his thinking on love where he degrades love and laughs on people who falls in love easily. Abhi’s conversation adds more fire to her own frustration due to her current situation.

When Abhi moves from the bookstore to a promotion point for his album, she also goes there. Abhi is seen boasting how love is so important and his believe for love. And he wants people to fall in love. At this point, Pragya shouts loudly and tells that Abhi is speaking a lie. The audience there and people are shocked to hear this.

Regarding Pragya and Suresh, some of the questions that remain are:
– Whether Suresh will disclose his true intentions to Sarla and calls off marriage ?
– Are Pragya and Suresh going to continue their dilemma and delay the actual truth ?
– Will Abhi’s entry throws up some new dimension in Pragya’s uneventful current situation ?

In the upcoming promo, Pragya cries and hugs her mom and says what if her marriage fails to happen this time also. Sarla asks her not to say like that and says now your life will be filled with happiness. She says, Suresh will never keep you sad. Pragya looks on hopefully with teary face. Watch the episode on May 5th.

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