Snapshot Reviews on 8th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Simmi cries in her room staying in darkness. Mrs. Bhalla comes to her and feels bad seeing her state. Simmi is much angry on Ishita for ruining her life. She speaks against Ishita. Even Mrs. Bhalla is angry on Ishita as she can’t bear her daughter’s tears. They lighten their hearts blaming Ishita for everything and have pity for Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to have food and she refuses asking her to leave. Simmi gets a call and is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla argues with Raman for supporting Ishita. Raman says you being a woman, saying this after knowing Parmeet’s truth. Raman says that creep should not be called a man. Mrs. Bhalla tells him maybe he is right but Simmi can’t forget her husband in one day. Mr. Bhalla asks them to give some time to Simmi to fight with her pain. Simmi leaves saying she wants to be alone. He asks Raman to bring back Ishita and Raman says he already did a lot and he won’t apologize to bring her back. Romi and Mr. Bhalla try their hand and apologizes to Ishita asking her to come back home. Ishita refuses. Ruhi comes to know from Shravan that Raman and Ishita had a fight that is why Ishita is staying at Iyer house. Ruhi comes to confront Raman and asks her to give some attention to Ishita, apologize and bring her back. Raman agrees and goes to talk to Ishita. He sweetly apologizes to her. He turns to leave. Ishita stops him and says will you not take me home. Raman and Ishita smile. Ishita thanks him. They both apologize to each other and end their fight. (Raman’s smile was seen after a long time and it was one thing that shined in today’s episode, a rare miracle!!)



Kumud and Saras look for each other. Saras gets her message in the bottle and comes to the other side of the lake. Kumud is gone till then. Kumud sees a man singing on a mike and asks him to let her make an announcement as she lost her husband, if he hears her, he will trace her. The man asks her to sing, as only singing is allowed. Kumud sings Mann Mohana. Saras hears her somewhere far and comes running. He runs till the song ends. They then see each other and get happy. They run approaching each other. Saras says sorry and she hugs him. Kalika sheds some crocodile tears and tries to make everyone believe but to her shock, no one believes her. Everyone support Danny as Danny swears on Kusum. Kusum asks Danny not to give any explanation as she trusts him completely. Yash comes and Kalika tries to take him into confidence. Yash is shocked to hear Danny raped Kalika. He gets angry and warms up to beat Danny. Everyone stop Yash and say Danny can’t do this. They say maybe Kalika is mistaken. Kalika tells them she will drag Danny to jail. Everyone stop her asking her not to ruin their family name. Kalika says fine, but only if Danny leaves this house, else I will kill myself. Yash does not believe Danny. His mum too supports Kalika and asks her to do what she wants. Vidyachatur and Badimaa protect Danny. Yash’s mum taunts Danny being Ghuman’s son having bad blood. Vidyachatur says Danny is Laxminandan’s son and has his values. Kumud and Saras start finding Kabir again. (I am feeling so bad for Danny. Kalika is crossing her limits and should be kicked out of the house before she ruins Danny-Kusum marriage!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha tells Shlok to agree for Anjali’s birthday making him think Jyoti wil surely come. She tells him that she spoke to Jyoti and told her they are celebrating Anjali’s birthday and invited her to come. She says Jyoti will come for sure as she always wishes Anjali. Shlok feels maybe Astha is right and tells her this can happen only if Niranjan agrees. She asks him to call Niranjan and take his permission. She switches on the TV and puts it on full volume. Shlok calls Niranjan and tells about Anjali’s birthday celebrations. Niranjan does not hear anything and asks him to do what he wants as he is mature enough. Shlok thinks Niranjan agreed and tells this to Astha. She jumps happily and hugs him thanking. Shlok says I m not doing this for Anjali, but only for Jyoti. Kalindi is tensed thinking will it be good if we take Jyoti there in the party. Ajju pacifies her and makes her agree. Jyoti thanks Sid for supporting her after knowing the truth. Astha and Kaka does the birthday arrangements at night. Next morning, Anjali is surprised to see the decorations and Happy birthday Aai board with some pics. Everyone wish her happy birthday. Anjali is tensed thinking about Niranjan’s reaction. She scolds Astha saying women’ birthday is not celebrated in this house. Astha asks Shlok to say about Niranjan. Shlok tells Anjali that Niranjan gave permission for this. Anjali goes to her room and talks to her parents’ pic saying Astha reminded me of my birthday which I forgot. She cries missing her parents. (Anjali is such a humble person indeed, only shown when she is alone, else she is shown rude and arrogant towards her family. She deserves to be happy!!)

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman makes the jalebis shocking everyone. Pakhi looks at his efforts. Bhabhisa praises Anshuman as a loving husband who can do anything for making his wife happy. Pakhi and Anshuman are left alone to have the sweet jalebis. Anshuman asks Pakhi to forgive him and have the jalebis which he made with much love. He reminds her of holi time when they had lots of jalebis. Pakhi thinks how he called her characterless and threw ink of her face hurting her self respect. She leaves. Anshuman gets Lavanya’s call who tells him she is pregnant. Anshuman is stunned and can’t believe it. He says congrats, take care, I will bring Pakhi back soon. He tells Lavanya that his rudeness has turned Pakhi’s heart into stone but he will melt it. The doctor talks to Lavanya and Girish and asks her to follow diet chart. She notices Girish’s care and tells Lavanya that she has a loving and caring husband. Lavanya is happy. Anshuman brings jalebis home and everyone enjoy eating it. They praise him for being an all rounder. They ask Pakhi to eat. She says I will eat it later. They ask Anshuman to make her eat with love. Anshuman imagines Pakhi has forgiven him and hugged him. He realizes Pakhi is still annoyed. He apologizes to Pakhi. Everyone decide to play a game Chittorai. They start playing and Pakhi and Anshuman tap on their hands having an eyelock. Anshuman thinks he will seek her forgiveness. (I m still on Pakhi’s side. Anshuman should try harder, after all his mistake was not so small!!)

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


RK and Madhu are on the way to his home. He tells Madhu about his parents’ death when he was 12 years old. He says his Dau ji and Bai ji did his upbringing and they are like gangsters. They have guns more than humans at home. He gives her a description of his family and they are shown. Dau ji and Bai ji favor only men, and feel women are born to be men’ slaves. RK says Bai ji will make you a dutiful wife like her. Madhu thinks in which world is she going now. They reach home. RK asks her to sit in the car till he meets his family. Dau ji’s men stop RK aiming the guns at him. Dau ji identifies him and is really happy. RK hugs him touching his feet. He lifts Dau ji happily. Bai ji comes with aarti plate and says she missed him a lot. She does his aarti. Everyone ask him where was he. RK meets his sisters. They are very happy. RK looks at his Bhanu Jija coming. Bhanu is shocked to see RK and asks how did you survive. He changes his words and acts sweet hugging RK. RK sees his statue made. Dau ji says we made this thinking we lost you forever as we heard about your death. RK takes a gun and shoots at it breaking it. Everyone celebrate his return and shoot in the air. Madhu closes her ears and is shocked to see what type of family is this. RK is happy talking to everyone. They look at the car and asks whom did you bring along. RK goes to Madhu and asks her to stop the drama and come out. He holds Madhu’s hand and brings her to them. Everyone look at them puzzled. (Poor Madhu, got out of one problem – Abhay and landed into another – RK’s family. But Madhu is a tigress and will take her stand!!)



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