Snapshot Reviews on 9th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Ruhi asks Romi if Ishita will come back or no. Just then Ishita and Raman enter. Ruhi is overjoyed seeing Ishita back. She runs and hugs her. Ishita comes to Simmi’s room and tells her, you’re very upset with me, right? You should be because in all that happened, you got the biggest punishment. You’re looking at this from a wife’s point of view, but when you view it from a woman’s point of view, then you will realize whatever happened with me was not right. Simmi tells her to go. Simmi recalls her lying to family and going out to meet Parmeet in the jail, and there, her telling him that he was right, they should have left that house. She says, she will take him out of the jail and they will go far. Parmeet tells her if she loves him, then she will do what he says. Simmi says she hates Ishita. She destroyed her life, but one day, she will take revenge from Ishita on right time. Mrs. Bhalla blames Ishita for Simmi’s state. She says if I have to choose between daughter and daughter-in-law, then it will be daughter. Romi is talking sweet with Bala in a restaurant. Romi takes Bala with him and introduce his friends to him. Bala asks since when are they doing this? Romi and his friend give all the info out.Trisha convinces Mihir to come with her on shopping. Raman and Ishita have a cute fight for cupboard and Ruhi supports Ishita. Mihir calls someone and books a venue for Raman and Ishita.Mihika is mistaken thinking its for Trisha. Mihir tells Raman that there’s a business dinner tonight and tells Ishita to also go along as everyone will be coming with their wives.Mihir convinces Ishita to go and she agrees.



Kabir writes the message for Saras and Kumud hearing the location name where he is being shifted again. The goons take away Kabir in the car and Saras seeing them follows. Danny thinks about Kalika and Yash’s mum’s words against him. He thinks about Kalika’s condition. Saras and Kabir see each other and are very far. The goons shift Kabir somewhere else. Kabir leaves the chit for Saras. Saras reads it and leaves with Kumud. Badimaa and Guniyal have a talk and wonder why is Kalika doing this, is she alone or anyone is asking her to do this, if this is her plan, we have to find some proof and stop Kalika. There are some romantic moments between Saras and Kumud in the hotel room. Badimaa calls Saras and asks him to have strength and bring back Kabir back home. Saras cries. He says why do this happens with me, the people I love go away from me. Kumud says because they know their Saras will find them. Saras says we will surely find him, its his birthday today and Ghuman planned to kill him today. They try finding Kabir. Danny comes to Desai house and asks for Kusum. Danny comes to Desai house and asks for Kusum. Kalika sees Danny and asks them what is he doing here. Guniyal says he is going to meet Kusum. Kalika says Kaki and starts the drama. Kalika reminds them of what Danny did with her and asks is he more than my respect. She says if he stays here, then I will not stay in this house. Badimaa comes and says enough, we are hearing you as you are our bahu, even you know it very well that Danny can’t think to do this. Kusum comes and says Kalika is right, ask Danny to leave right away. Danny and everyone are shocked. Saras gets Ghuman’s call and she says Saraswatichandra, its Kabir’s birthday, you have only six hours to save him. Kumud asks Saras what happened. Saras and Kumud see Kabir’s jacket on the ground and think he was wearing it.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Anjali cries in her room. stha comes to her and asks whats the problem if Niranjan said yes. Anjali says I told you I won’t celebrate my birthday, remove all the mess. Sojal tells Abhay its Anjali’s birthday, Astha has kept a party for her, so get ready. He asks how did women’s birthday is celebrated in this house. She says from today. He says my wife is missing and they are celebrating birthday. Abhay comes to Anjali and wishes happy birthday. He says my wife is missing since many days, so you are planning a party instead of finding her, do you worry this much. Anjali says who said I m celebrating, Astha did not know this. Its evening, the party starts.The guests ask about Anjali and Astha goes to call Anjali. She asks her to come for Niranjan’s sake. Astha comes to Shlok and asks him to come in the party. Anjali worries about Niranjan. Niranjan comes home and is shocked to see Anjali’s birthday party. Astha smiles seeing Anjali while Niranjan gets angry.Niranjan keeps quiet seeing the media. Astha praises Niranjan and asks him to wish Anjali infront of everyone.Niranjan wishes her. Astha asks Anjali to cut the cake. Niranjan says if you have done this Anjali, cut the cake too. He holds her hand sweetly and smiling and takes her there. Anjali cuts the cake. Astha says now Niranjan will tell some words about Anjali. Niranjan says she is my wife, she has done all the duties very well. He praises her infront of everyone. Astha thanks Shlok for coming in the party. Astha takes Anjali to meet Jyoti outside the house. Abhay doubts on them and comes there. Astha calls out Jyoti. Jyoti comes out. Anjali is shocked seeing her.

Tumhari Pakhi:


Everyone play the game and have fun. Anshuman makes Pakhi win. He loses and Bhabhisa asks him to dance on Rajasthani song as penalty. Bhaisa says Anshuman can’t dance. Bhabhisa says if Pakhi can dance on english song for him, why he can’t he dance, he always showed his love by making jalebis, I m sure he will dance,right. Sajan sawan bito jaaye……………….plays………….. Anshuman dances on the song Maara dhola……………….Anshuman and Pakhi take rounds holding hands. Pakhi is annoyed. Everyone dance. Bhabhisa and Kakisa praise Anshuman and feel happy in his presense. They say Pakhi is very lucky, he loves Pakhi a lot, I wish they are always together. Anshuman holds Pakhi near the stairs and music plays………. He says I won everyone’s heart and will win yours too, I tried my best but failed, you made me feel love for you, now you are hiding your love for me, I know I did a mistake, but I love you a lot. So I m sure I will win your love and trust. Pakhi stands at the terrace and thinks how she stepped in Anshuman’s house and her journey there. Anshuman puts his hand under her feet when she was wearing slippers. He says let me take care of you, I will be your shadow and follow you even if you don’t allow, no one can stop me, not even you. He tries to make her smile. He says I m learning many things here. I m changing for you, as you changed for me. He greets someone. The man blesses them. He asks when are you both going. Anshuman says I came to take something here, I have to stay here till I get it, even if I have to stay here whole life. Pakhi books a ticket for Shimla. Anshuman looks on.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


RK says she is my wife. Bai ji cries and says how can you marry someone and come back, you proved you are not my son. RK says I will tell you how we got married, bless us. He says she is from Mumbai. Dau ji says she is RK’s choice, so she is our choice. He says I accept her as our bahu. Agni taunts and insults Madhu many times. They ask did her parents send her without any jewellery. Madhu gets angry.Bai ji says we give her gold and make her like us. A widow comes and RK calls her Bhabhi. Dau ji says how dare you come here in good times, you are unlucky for us, do you think we lose our RK again. He scolds her. She cries. Dau ji asks Bhanu to punish her. Bhanu says she will stand outside the house all day. Tara and Agni talk to Madhu and says we will keep you as Devi and make you Shuddh by giving you bath by our ancestor’s well. RK meets Bhabhi and says how did you do this mistake knowing the rules. She says I heard you came, so came running. RK says you get scolded always, take care. The puja starts. Madhu asks she won’t do any stupid rituals. Agni scolds her and says if you refuse, you can get beaten up. Madhu is made to sit in the swing and is dropped inside the well.RK records the rituals in his phone and takes pics. Madhu is shocked seeing this madness. Bai ji says you will be kept there as Devi in this wet and pure clothes. Madhu refuses to agree with them. RK and his family harass her making her do everything against her wish. RK thinks his family is giving her enough respect and asks her to smile. Agni taunts her.The pandit says she has to be given one more bath to made her pure. Madhu says enough, now I can’t do more. Everyone are shocked.


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