Heroes – The Fightback Files 11th May 2014 Channel V *12th Episode* Written Update


Heroes the fightback files Channel V

Theme of this Episode: Fight Sexual Harassment


A girl dreams to be a famous heroine and she wakes up in the morning by the alarm. Kirti Tandon, an aspiring actress. She left her parents in Lucknow, and came Mumbai to turn her passion into profession. She says a theatre director, Veena in Lucknow, saw the talent in her and convinced her parents to send her to Mumbai. She says her life was different from the world of her dreams. Scene: A man comes to her and says you are looking very beautiful. They enact a scene and he is an actor, who praises her after the scenes. He says you have to touch the skies, I m Ranjan Singh, he is my assistant Sumit, I m starting a film and want you to read the script.

She gets happy and asks when. He says come to office tomorrow, we will discuss. Ranjan meets a producer. Kirti smiles seeing his contacts. Kirti meets Veena and tells about Ranjan making a movie. She asks on what subject. Kirti says its on painter Raja Ravi Verma’s life. Veena asks her to read the script before saying yes. She wishes her all the best. Kirti leaves and comes to meet Ranjan. He gives her the script titled Rangsaaz. She likes it. Ranjan asks how is it. She says its interesting, but its bold. I m not sure if I will be comfortable. Ranjan says did you see his paintings, they are world famous. She says but my parents will not like this.

Stop sexual harassment

He says no one calls his paintings cheap. We will shoot the film well, it will be an art, imagine, trust me, it will look beautiful, and you will be a superstar after this. Ranjan smiles. Kirti thinks. He asks her to sign the contract. She signs it happily believing him. She starts practicing as she dons the role of Maya. Veena says you will go very far Kirti, that maybe I will not reach you. Kirti says this is happening because of you, you talked to my parents else I would have been married. Veena says shall I come on shoot. Kirti says no, I will get nervous. She says fine, but I will see your movie first.

Sumit asks Kirti to change in the changing room, not in make up room. Kirti gets her mum’s call. She says my role is lead, the script is nice. Don’t worry. Her mum asks her to take care. Kirti goes to give the shot. Kirti comes out and is happy seeing the cameras, lights and everything around. She comes in the changing room and she saw a white cloth hanging and a big mirror. Sumit comes and tells there is change in scene and we are doing this, you have to wear this dress showing the white cloth. She says but I was supposed to wear a saree. He says no, this one and leaves. She is shocked to see a plain white reactangular cloth. She thinks how to wear it. She removes her clothes and wraps it around her body tucking it. She comes for the scene shoot. Ranjan says come, sit here.


Ranjan makes Kirti sit on the bed and shoots the scene. She is dressed clumsy holding a cloth around her. She felt she should leave but she did not. She felt maybe she is over reacting. Ranjan asks Kirti to be like a seductress, feel sexy and bring attitude in body language. He touches her and asks her to look hot. She says why is the camera still on. He says leave it, be the character. Kirti feels is she doing a mistake, but she completely trusted Ranjan. The scene is the love making scene which Kirti enacts. Ranjan tries to show her how to give her expressions. She did what Ranjan said. She felt Ranjan is making an artistic film. Her friend Bhavna tells her that its strange the way they took the shots, be careful. Ranjan comes and praises Kirti’s acting.

Kirti says what we did today was not in the script. Ranjan says we can change any scene anytime, that’s the beauty of film. She says can I see today’s footage. He says sure, see it tomorrow. She says will you discuss tomorrow’s scene. He says lets go out for dinner. She says I m tired. He says let me drop you home. She says no, I will go by rickshaw. Ranjan says fine and leaves. The shoot was for 12 days and there was always last min changes. She always had to change in a small room. They insisted her to change in that room only. Bhavna sees Ranjan and Sumit watching Kirti’s videos of changing her clothes. Bhavna calls Kirti and tells her everything. Kirti got tensed. She meets Ranjan and he acts normal. Kirti says I want to see the film. He says its still editing. She says I want to see. He says fine, and shows her. She is shocked to see her changing room’s videos. Ranjan smiles. She could not believe he made a soft porn film. She asked him whats this, this is the changing room, it means you kept cameras there. This is wrong, you cheated me. Ranjan says it’s a sexy art film. She says I m not that type of girl.

Ranjan touches her and says then tell me what type of girl you are. She says my career will be destroyed. He says no it will build your career. She says you have cheated me, I will go to director’s association, you can’t release it. He says but I have your contract of consent, after seeing this film, not only me, but every man will lust over you. She runs from there. She was afraid of losing respect and cries. She was angry on herself for being so foolish. She felt to tell Veena everything. But what could she tell her. Veena notices Kirti upset and comes to talk to her. Veena asks what happened, why are you distracted. Kirti says I have headache. Veena asks about her film. Kirti says its good. Veena says remember your promise, I will watch your film first. Kirti gets tensed.

Kirti gets dirty messages from Ranjan abusing her and she is shocked. She calls him and he says I waiting to hear your voice. She says how dare you. He says such things happen in film industry, come to my house, we can hang out. She ends the call and cries. Next day, she gets a parcel. She opens it and gets lingerie. She gets a letter from Ranjan. She is shocked to read it. He writes try it, as I don’t know your size, but I would like to know. She calls him but can’t connect. The door bell rings and she gets tensed. She opens the door and she is shocked to see Ranjan. He says six calls, why are you so desperate, if I knew this, I would have come with it. He touches her and says sleep with me once, then you will get your footage. She says get out and shuts the door. He says you will regret.


Kirti feels lost as she is unable to bear Ranjan’s harassment. She does her theatre work with Veena. Kirti gets another parcel. She gets a letter addressed to her parents. She opens it and sees her semi naked pics. She is shocked and understood Ranjan is very smart. She thinks he can put on internet too. She thinks to expose him and showed the pics to Veena. Veena was shocked too. She tells her everything and Veena gets angry. Veena wipes her tears and hugs her giving her strength. Veena calls Mr. Punj, a famous film director, and asks for a favor. She says I have a play on which I wanted to make a film, can you come for script’s final revision. He says fine, I will come. Veena ends the call and smiles looking at Kirti. Ranjan is at his home. Kirti comes to him and says you were right, if I have to reach the sky, I have to make my hands dirty.

Ranjan is happy and says see you high I will take you. He says we should go for dinner. She says I can’t, my plays rehearsals are going on, but we can spend an evening after the play ends. He holds her hand and flirts. He says see what I do and smiles. Veena calls Ranjan and says I have a new play. Ranjan says yes, Kirti told me. Veena says I want you to come for final rehearsal, Punj is also coming. Ranjan says sure, I will see you there. Veena makes some men arrange a big mirror and does all the rehearsals. Kirti wakes up by the alarm. She gets ready and looks at herself. She comes to Veena and Veena says all set. Kirti says I m nervous, as its tough performance. Veena says trust your instincts, it will not cheat you.

Punj comes there with his assistant Abhijeet. Veena meets them and they are genuinely good people. Veena says you can evaluate this story being a famous director. Punj says Kirti is a good actress and she will go far. Veena says she is getting ready. Ranjan too comes there. Veena welcomes him. He greets Veena and asks for Kirti. Veena says she is green room backstage. Ranjan goes to meet Kirti. Veena removes the curtain and everyone see a big see through mirror. They are shocked to see Ranjan and Kirti inside. Ranjan comes to Kirti and touches her. They hear their conversation. Kirti says you cheated me, took my private videos, trapped me, made a porn film saying its art film. Ranjan says you look sexy while you are angry, and about industry we have to do this. Kirti says don’t touch me.


Everyone is shocked to see Ranjan’s true face. Ranjan abuses her. Kirti says I hate you. Veena, Abhijeet and Punj come there and ask Ranjan whats all this. Ranjan is shocked to see them. Veena says people like you make the industry’s name bad. They scold Ranjan. Kirti says you wanted to sleep with me one night, now you see you won’t be able to sleep with peace. Punj says now you won’t be able to work in this film industry. Kirti slaps Ranjan and hugs Veena. She smiles and feels fearless. She is proud to bring out the truth fighting sexual harassment.

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