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Stop Plagiarism

Hi all. This is to bring to your notice about a serious DMCA (copyright) issue popping up again which is not acceptable. We posted Iss Pyaar 2 article yesterday and soon the website punjabijunktion copied it immediately, along with hundreds of articles from our site. ( We have earlier also took a step to keep a stop on it, but it did not end permanently. They have started this copying trend again. Ishq Kills, Heroes, Mahabharat, IPKKND2, Saraswatichandra, YHM and many more. They blindly copy our post. Hardwork is being let down by such act. It takes lots of effort to write, that the readers get the right info and seeing others blindly copy, makes our efforts waste. This should be stopped. If this continues, then we will take appropriate further action (like contacting their hosting provider).


Such websites have no moral ethics to follow and do this just to earn more views by every way possible, by hook and crook, all done by unfair means. We have always maintained high ethical standards. We write less, but maintain the quality. We are in no hurry to gain more views by putting numerous useless articles, as other sites do. We believe in quality first. TellyReviews has always tried its best to bring fresh and genuine content, without copying!! This is our creative content by which we aim to serve people’s interest. We really don’t worry about stats, as user’s satisfaction matters to us more. We don’t have enough time to deal with this mess and so we urge the readers not to follow such sites. We request you to respect the first serving site!! Stop Plagiarism!! Keep TellyReviewing!!


  1. I follow ur site n ur content s unique. It s very sad to know tat by other sites r copying ur hars worked cntnts. Its cheating n aginst moral ethics. I hope tat der readers oll know about plagiarism and ll stop visiting them.
    Shameless Act by punjabiJUNKtion.

  2. shame on u punjabijunction.
    How can they steal anybodys work. Its really a cheap act.i think next time whenever this copycats do such thing u should take strict action.
    Without hardwork there is no success and by using this shortcut they will not be able to sustain in longterm.
    I luv tellyreview for its uniqueness.i know its very annoying for u when somebody steal ur hardwork but we all are with u.

  3. I have a doubt on a show..” The Uma show”… the site s showing tat its der n colours n MTV and I dint heard abt such a show. If u know abt show plzreply me

  4. I ahve a doubt on a show. the Shows name s “The Uma Show”. the site says tat its der n colours n MTV. bt I dint heard abt such a show. If U know it plz tell about it


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