Raghav marries Pakhi leaving Kalpi and Kamla shocked in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan







Raghav brings his bride Pakhi while Kalpi was waiting for him. Pakhi who regards Kamla as her mum, takes her blessings and hugs her.Pakhi apologizes to her for marrying without informing them. Kamla is shocked as her own daughter Kalpi’s dreams have shattered. She knew that Kalpi loved Raghav more than her life and this was a big shock for her to see Raghav married to Pakhi. Vitthal beats Raghav and is about to kill him for cheating Kalpi. But Kamla comes in between and gets hurt. They rush her to the hospital. Kamla does not feel her pain, as she is more worried of Kalpi’s pain seeing Raghav cheating her.

Kamla soon gets well and encourages Kalpi to start a new life and move on forgetting Raghav. Kalpi thinks why did Raghav do this with her, did he ever love her or not. Raghav has his own reasons for marrying Pakhi. Pakhi dreams about her and Raghav’s happy married life and gets ready to meet him on their first wedding night. Raghav comes to her and tells her that she is the daughter of his enemy and he does not her. He tells her that he hates her and married her only to take revenge from her dad. Pakhi is stunned knowing this? How will their lives turn now? How will Kamla keep up her responsibilities towards Kalpi? Watch Ek Mutthi Aasmaan on Zee TV.

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  1. After this twist in EMS me snd all the fans have stopped watching the show we loved the show because we loved to see raghav and kalpi togther but the cv and ph destroyed the show and did not respect the fans demand and request so for me and all my friends in Dubai we will stop watching the show and let the writer and ph watch the show alone and we will see the trp goes down. The ph and writer destroyed the lovely raghav and kalpi jodi. We want only them and we do not want paki and raghav creep jodi. Its only amazing raghav and kalpi we wish to see them togther othetwise goodby EMA.

  2. Same goes here..I n my frens stop watching ek mutthi asmaan..raghav n kalpana should b married..the way their love shown was great n touching…the writer spoil de entire drama by change de plot…disappointed

  3. Raghave must get married to Kalp otherwise it shows Rich will only pick rich people. When Pooikh knows that Raghav is in love with Kalp why is she still hanging on to him. Tupid Girl!

  4. Same here! How could the writers do this. I am not watching this tupid film again. I waited so long for the ragna marriage.

  5. Show going rong don’t lke to watch anymore because they twisted silly way why raghav mom doing this with kalpi she stayed with thm they look after her and she doing bad behind they back. Anyway jst silly they should not separate kalpy and raghaw.

  6. This show is going to Dogs specially after reading today’s episode. Everybody should boycott this. With so much perseverance Raghav made Kalpi to love him . It dint last long. What nonsense, viewers are idiots or what? If this is the pattern the story continues Ragna orAshna should quit. Their talents are going down the drain. Raghav be a mummy’s boy and be a husband to that wicked pakhi. Leave poor Kalpi alone. You have no backbone . Raghav, I feel bad to write ill of my handsome hero but that is it. Raghav have you not heard the famous song DostDostNaRAha. You r trusting paki the WITCH. The producers think this show will be hit but now Aasman se Zameen par Girgaya. Abi koi chance nahi hi. Gharjawo. I was thinking so high of Ragna but Raghav don’t deserve Kalpanas love. I am so irritated after today’s episode. No one with sense should watch this damn show.


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