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Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Kat comes up on the chat and Cheeku somehow manages to speak with her. She asks him whether he was frightening her. She is impressed by him as he holds the magazine – Casanova behind his face and finds it cute. She tells him to show his face as he was hiding. Cheeku shows her the face and both exchange greeting. She then speaks about her surprise of the speaking toy. He tells that his look happened because of some mistake and talks on falling washing powder. She tells that she is seeing him for the first time and pulls his leg. She tells her name as Kimaya whose meaning is divine. Cheeku starts to ponder on her beautiful name. She asks him for his introduction and then stops him and gives his introduction by herself. She tells that his passion is to frighten beautiful girls by sitting in a bathroom and also pulls his leg on his red underwear. She speaks that his brothers pull his leg because of his cute nature.


At that moment, Dodo knocks the bathroom door and Kimaya learns why Cheeku is inside the bathroom and hears Dodo confronting Cheeku. Both disconnects the video chat. Dodo wants Cheeku to write more for his poem for Aditi. Sid comes there and speaks about his girlfriend (pranati) who has pulled his leg on her facebook. Dodo suggests to steal Pranati’s laptop so that they can own her facebook account as well.

Cheeku tries to move away from them by giving some ideas to solve Sid’s problem. And sooner, Cheeku’s mother has got a problem with Wifi router and he suggests her to keep router not inside the sofa. His father sees him in that look with washing powder on face and inquires. His mother takes out the wire from the router and calls wifi as Hifi.

Dodo meets a friend- Aditi and tells that he has found the question papers of chemistry and can help her. He says that he wants to come to her room and give her the question papers as he knows that her mother stays away. He says that he is also writing a poem for her which is a surprise. Instead of saying thank you, she wants to give him money for the poem. They decide to meet in the night..

Cheeku and Kimaya have another video chat and Kimaya comments that cheeku is looking good and also shows her red dress for the party that she is about to go. He says that as she stays in US so how she can go to the party. She says that she just wants to impress him and tells that he is smart. Cheeku says that he likes her style of open talking, independent nature and she says everybody comments on her looks only and he is the only one with unique personality. He says that his brothers has problems and doesn’t wish to write a poem for Dodo. He says that he is now getting to know Kimaya. She makes a joke that her father and children will come much to the surprise of Cheeku as he believed her words. She laughs on his innocent nature. Sid comes to talk with Cheeku and says that do not do anything with which he will be ashamed of. Kimaya wants the brothers to open up. She says that she wants to show him something but it is somewhat sexy. He tells that he is not frank and open but she responds that she is of that type only frank and open.

Dodo comes to meet Cheeku and informing about his visit to Aditi’s house and wants him to write the poem. Kimaya suggests Cheeku to write the poem together. Cheeku starts – aaj man muskara aaya, yuh laga pehla kyun nahi mile.. phir ab tum aaye.. Dodo goes with the poem and speaks with Aditi. When he meets Aditi, she informs him that her boyfriend is with her at the rooftop and after hearing this Dodo becomes angry and first talks that she is not following traditions and not sanskaari and then speaks that if her boyfriend goes, then she can call him. Aditi responds that he is a weirdo..

Cheeku starts to chat with Kimaya again and she wants to show him something. He hesitantly agrees and then sees a tattoo of a Butterfly at her back. She tells that her pet name is Titli at home (as her mother calls). She wants to say something but at the moment the internet is disconnected. Cheeku sooner realizes that her mother has disconnected the wire from the wifi router. After fixing it, he comes back to chat again but doesn’t find Kimaya on video chat..He then receives a mail from Kimaya which says that – She felt very nice as he is very unique and also happy that they are now connected. But she didn’t tell one thing during her chat which she will say in her mail.

Cheeku gets a bad dream about his brothers laughing on him and says that people will disprect him. He then hears a voice who tells his brothers that she is cheeku’s friend, the brother laughs on that voice. Cheeku then wakes up from his sleep and looks at the photo frame of Sid and Dodo and thanks God it was just a dream. He doesn’t want to be a loser as Kimaya doesn’t know that he doesn’t have any friends. So, he decides to change and make friends.

Next Episode: Cheeku decides to make new friends but at his college, students doesn’t want to make friendship with him. Even, when he wants to share his tiffin with a helper there but he also doesn’t take his food invitation. While sitting as he speaks on food, a fat boy hears about food and befriends him. So, at last Cheeku found one friend.

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Additional details and Cast Info:

* Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri is a new show coming on Channel V India with a coming-of-age story about three boys who are brothers, Dodo (Ishaan Khosla) aged 16 yrs, Cheeku (Aditya Khosla), 18 yrs and Sid (Sid Khosla), 21 yrs. The show takes us on their path to discover adulthood where getting connected with the opposite sex becomes their top priority.

* Cheeku is played by actor Chirag Mahbubani. Chirag is also a director and dancer. Chirag’s Twitter page.
* Dodo is played by actor Anshuman Malhotra. Anshuman’s Twitter page.
* Sid is played by actor Mohit Sid Tolani. Mohit’s Twitter page
* Kimaya (Cheeku’s girlfriend) is played by actor Shritama Mukherjee, who is also dancer and singer as well. Shritama’s Twitter page.

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