Bebe breaks down as Purab proves Sameer innocent in Nadaan Parinde


sameerbebe Nadaan Parinde



Purab got a call from police station that a lady from Canada came to meet Ranveer. Purab rushes to meet her and comes to know she is Ranveer’s first wife Lovely Singh from Canada. Lovely exposes Ranveer’s all games infront of him. Purab wants to stop Meher from leaving the Pind and thinks this is the best way to stop her, by making her emotional and asking her to support Bebe. Purrab brings Lovely home and she speaks her heart out. Lovely tells Bebe and Meher how Ranveer has cheated her and was about to cheat Meher too. Ranveer has not taken divorce from her and was going to marry Meher, without her consent. She praises Sameer for saving Meher’s life and her marriage.

Bebe and Meher think of Sameer’s words who shouted to prove Ranveer is already married, but no one believed him. Bebe breaks down thinking she is Sameer’s mum, who kept him in her womb for nine months, but could not judge him. She could not trust her son. Meher feels she has insulted friendship by doubting on Sameer’s intentions. Purab asks Meher to stay with Bebe as she needs her more now. Meher agrees and tells Bebe that she won’t leave her till Sameer comes back and takes her responsibility. Purab gets happy and tries getting closer to Meher via Bebe’s concern. Channi looks at them and is furious as she does not like Meher.

Bebe is worried thinking where might be Sameer, did he eat food or not, in what state he would be now…. Meher and Purab pacify her and make her have food. Purab tells Bebe to regard him as Sameer and love him. Bebe sees Sameer in Purab and smiles. Meher tells Bebe that they will start finding Sameer and get him back home. Purab gets tensed and tells them that he knows where is Sameer. Meher and Bebe look at him with high hopes. Will Purab really bring Sameer back? Keep reading.

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