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Yeh Hai Aashiqui

Rithvik welcomes all and speaks that today’s story is about a girl who has big dreams and the boy has loved her a lot but has not spoken about his love to her and always hesitated. Ritvik welcomes Kuku (actor Siddharth Gupta) and Mitali (actress Simran Kaur) who came as guests on the show to promote their movie – Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi. Rithvik asks them why boys are afraid to confess their love to the girl ? Kuku says that he succeeded with Mitali in the movie and he hopes that Vaibhav’s story in today’s episode will not have that jhand (crisis situation).


The story starts with Megha dancing as an item girl for her film shoot. A women from media asks whether she is afraid of the image tag of an item girl. She says it doesn’t hurt her as she does what she likes and considers herself lucky. She is in Patna her previous home town and says that all the people in Patna loves her. She further speaks that she has always dreamed from her childhood and success will come as she has those dreams. She says that this quote is from someone else and says that she remembers that person and even showers a kiss to that special person on camera. Vaibhav sees Megha’s interview and smiles when she kisses which was pointed at him as he was that person who shared that success quote with her. Vaibhav remembers her old time with Megha many years ago and she was telling him that she will be going to Mumbai for fulfilling her dreams. He says that let the dreams to fly. She signs an autograph and tells that if in future she becomes a top heroine then he can show it to his friends. The flashback ends and Vaibhav speaks with his father about Megha and says that he comes to know that she came to patna and also seen her interview in Patna samachar.

After finding her whereabouts, Vaibhav comes to the shooting to meet Megha who is now called Sheena which is her acting on-screen name. He informs the staff about him and then Megha (sheena) calls him to her vanity van. He goes to meet her and she hugs him. She says that she cannot believe that he is in front of her and also feels happy. She says that she knows everything about him as she is a friend and calls him Engineer Babu. Sooner, her aunty comes and informs her that the shot is ready while the aunt looks at him with a peculiar intention. Megha speaks with Vaibhav that she has to wear such some revealing clothes as it is demanded for an item number song. Megha (Sheena) dances on the song and her aunt informs Vaibhav that Sheena is not meant for him and suggests him to look at her from a far distance only. She further adds that many people also look and stare at her. Her aunt then suggests him to not come next time as she is a big heroine and he is a common person from a small town.

Megha after meeting him later says that she will be always be the same for him and doesn’t think that she has become big in status for him. Her aunt wants to take her away by citing some excuse and Vaibhav asks her Is she happy? She says that she is happy because she always wanted to do this work. She talks on their childhood days where they used to do make-up in front of mirror and she accuses Vaibhav for breaking her trophy once. He promises to not break her film trophy next time. Megha says that her current item song will become instant hit and for sure she will win an award trophy. She then says that item girls are very popular as people can do anything for them. She then asks him that as he became an engineer and financially stable so, Does his parents have found a girl for him? He replies no. She begins to feel for him and goes away for the shot.

She calls Vaibhav and wants to talk with him. Vaibhav plans to go for eating Gol Gappa (Panipuri) with her and asks for a Panipuri date the next day. He goes to pick her up at the hotel and when he sees her in an orange dress becomes in awe of her. They eat outside Gol Gappas (Tujse Raabta.. Kaise hum Jaane Hum Bata.. Kuch hain tujh se Raabta song playing) and then enjoy in the garden and even hit each other with yellow flowers. Later, Vaibhav throws hundreds of flowers on her. Sooner, people in the garden realize her as an item girl and wants a photograph from her. They move to other place and he asks her does she speaks with her mother ? She says that she hasn’t spoken with her since long time and also doesn’t know how to go back to her mother. She thanks him as she was very happy and vibrant during the day. She wants to go on the top-floor (terrace) so they can speak a lot as they used to do it often during their childhood and as she insists much he agrees. She speaks on spending times at the terrace in the past and he shows her the autograph which she has given him before she left for Mumbai from their hometown several years ago. She then takes a selfie photo with him and speaks that she will forward the photo from her mobile and he can keep it in his wallet. She also wants him to show his friends about her being the star. She asks him whether he will come to Mumbai and follow her ? He asks her to try once and then see (kuch to hain Raabta.. Kuch to tuch se raabta song playing) and sooner he tries to come close to her but stops as she gets a call from her aunt. Vaibhav then drops her at home.

At home, her aunt speaks with Megha and says that since few days she has been seen spending time with the engineer guy Vaibhav. She speaks that if Megha continues to do so then her career will be affected and all her hardwork over the years will be wasted. Megha speaks that she agreed to aunt’s demands over the years and even agreed to work in low grade movies and songs. She says that she has seen all and asks her aunt, Does she know which item girl became a top heroine? Her aunt calls her Sheena and she replies her name is Megha and sheena is only her acting name. She taunts her aunt that actually she is fulfilling her dreams by using her. Next morning at the shoot as she was about to meet Vaibhav, she is interrupted and approached by a personal assistant of a minister who says that she is invited to the minister’s private function in the night. She says that she even doesn’t know the minister. After that, the assistant says that party is for special people, and then gives her cash for participating in the party. She informs him that she cannot come and work for the party. The assistant touches her hand and Vaibhav after seeing that confronts the assistant. The assistant informs his men to throw Vaibhav outside and the men beat Vaibhav badly.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Vaibhav and Megha

Later, at her home when she was putting some ointment on his injury asks him on his interference. He says that he is possessive, and loves her much which has always hidden with him. He confesses his love and says I love you to her. He then reminds about the time 7 years back when Megha told him that she will be going away permanently. He then decided to let her go as she wanted to fly and fulfill her dreams and he instead focus all his energies on his education and wanted to shoulder his responsibilities. He says that all things changed when he saw her in Patna and after seeing her all the memories came back alive and he again got the feeling of love and affection for her. He says once he heard her voice he knew that it was you (megha) though the reporter was calling her Sheena. She says that he is a nice guy and says that she is not suitable for him and the truth is that she is an item girl which nobody can change. He then speaks that it doesn’t matter if she is an item girl as that is her job of an actor. He says that he thinks in this way and she thanks him for his thinking and tells that until now nobody has looked at her from this view and he is the first man who has thought her in this way. She hugs him and thanks him (Dil mera na samaj.. Be sabar Bewakuf Bada). He then says – I love you to Megha and both comes close and intimate.. (Iss Dard De Dil Ki Sifarish Ab Koi karde Yaha…Ha Ba Asr Duniya de bate badi.. song playing)

Vaibhav speaks with his parents and tells that he loves Megha and his parents speaks that because of an item girl he has given a bad reputation to his family. His mother taunts on the character of Megha. After which, Vaibhav responds that she works as an item-girl and is a job for her. He says that he doesn’t think it as wrong. He tells that girls have different dreams. His mother speaks on the neighbor’s taunt which says that vaibhav has fought for an item girl. Megha goes away from there by giving an excuse to go for the shooting and remembers all the taunts of his mother and cries.

Rithvik says that opposites always attract. Megha understood that both their lives are different as they come from different professions and for them to come closer is very difficult. Rithvik asks Mitali and Kuku about judging people and love if you come from different professions ?

Megha’s aunt suggests her to forget love and also to forget Vaibhav. She says that his parents will never accept her. Megha says that she will leave everything for him. Her aunt then informs that she cannot leave her identity and can only switch back to her name – Megha but people will always remember her face of an item-girl. She asks Megha that even her own parents has disowned her so how come Vaibhav’s parents will accept her ? the aunt says that even if they accept her by some force from Vaibhav, then how about the taunts from society ? She says that Vaibhav got in a fight with an assistant of a minister in a small town, and how about other towns and places. Her aunt suggests that she should focus on shooting and not think about Vaibhav.

On other end, Vaibhav’s parents gives him an ultimatum and asks him to choose them or the girl. Megha writes a letter for Vaibhav and writes that it was good that she came to Patna as she realized that she changed so much and says that she cannot be happy with him. Vaibhav chooses to leave his parents and stay with Megha. Vaibhav comes to the hotel to meet Megha but comes to know of the letter that Megha wrote for him and is informed by the staff that she has already checked out of the hotel. Vaibhav then decides to visit Megha in her city Mumbai. In Mumbai, the media asks her questions about leaving the film shoot in Patna? At that moment, Vaibhav comes there and asks her whether she thought that he cannot follow her to Mumbai ? She jokes with him that he came to see the Gateway of India. She hugs him and becomes happy to gets his love. He says that he was ready to enter her world and will work in Mumbai and join an engineering company. She says – I love you to Vaibhav and he replies love you too.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) says that Vaibhav has full confidence in his love for Megha because of which he succeeded. Rithvik asks Kuku on his movie. Kuku replies that his movie – Kuku mathur ki Jhand Ho gayi releases on 30th May and urges the audience to watch his movie. Rithvik signs off by saying guys- Keep falling in love!

Info on Cast:
* Vindhya Tiwari: Television actress
– She played the role of Gayatri Rajbir Faujdar in Colors Show Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal (ended on 5th October 2013).
– She also played the role of Vidya Jakhar in Star Plus’s show, Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?
* Vaibhav – played by actor Krishanu Singh

– Read more on Panipuri (Gol Gappas) at its wikipedia page.

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Facebook page of Bindass

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