Mystery behind Sammy’s murder came to an end, Ram comes out of Jail in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain



Ram and Priya had faced separation once again because of Sammy’s murder case. Ram was acquitted for Sammy’s murder. Priya was hell bent to prove Ram’s innocent. She gets a CD and comes to know that the murder was pre planned as the killer was wearing the glove. Later she gets the glove in Sid’s room. She doubts on Sid as he was after Ram’s property. Then she doubts on Sid’s son Khush.


She confronts Khush saying how can he framed the person who raised him as his son. Khush tells her that he didn’t commit Sammy’s murder. He tells her that he and Ram planned to transferred Power of attorney on his name to know the murderer’s next move. Priya gets relieved. Meanwhile Priya saves Pihu from getting attacked by someone. Pihu realizes her mistakes and shakes hands with Priya to save Ram. Khush gets happy and the trio starts the mission ‘Save Ram’.

In the previous episodes, it was shown that Suhani is the murderer and is feeling guilty for Priya’s problems and Ram being in Jail. She blames herself for troubling Ram and Priya and feels bad. She recalls how she killed Sammy in anger. Pihu reads Sammy and Suhani’s messages in Suhani’s mobile. She was shocked to know that Sammy sent a message to Suhani asking her to abort the child and be with him. Suhani threatens to kill him if he continues to come closer to her.

Pihu tells Priya that Suhani is the murderer. Priya doesn’t want to blame anyone without any proofs. She tells everyone that she got a proofs against the real murderer. Suhani gets shocked. She will try to get the proofs from Priya’s room and gets caught. She will reveal to everyone that she killed Sammy. Everyone get shocked including Khush, who dreamt of marrying her. She will be sent to Jail with her unborn child and Ram will be freed from all charges. Will Priya forgive Suhani? Will Khush marry her in future and accepts her child? Keep reading.


  1. This is not good story .it is so so bad.then Sammy is killing to everyone .this is cheat story.please Sammy and suhani was love together and enjoyed his life……please turn the story please

  2. this is so bad, Sammy should’ve never died bt marry suhani to show pihu that money can’t buy happiness and love . ..turn de story.. im sad

  3. sammy’s death really pain me…he should have live to enjoy true love…and why did suhani kill him if she truly loves him? No matter how hurt she was, killing him won’t give her any happiness either….what a sad end for sammy…

  4. Is a bad story pihu is a wicked person how can she treat suhani badly and lose the love of her life and end up in jail while pihu is the bad one. Love can never be bought with noney such a bad story

  5. Nice story but very bad ending. I really like Sammy and Suhani and I even tot Sammy will divorce Pihu and get married to Suhani but noooo, don’t like the ending at all.

  6. Unbelievable Suhani, was in the same hall with them standing besides Kush. How come she is the one who shot Sammy,and killed him, Kush ,would have heard the gun she was one who shot Sammy. This is very confusion. very bad

  7. I really wished suhani was innocent
    Bt why must sammy die
    De writer shd hav made sammy to survive to mak de movie more interesting
    What A Shock!

  8. Nice story, bad ending.
    It doesnt make sense if Suhani is the murderer. How i wish Sammy could’ve recovered from the gunshot to get married to Suhani to prove to Pihu that money cant buy love.
    How can Suhani go to jail with an unborn baby. Very bad ending.

  9. you make us watch such a long movie and you give us such a poor ending? i dont want to regret watching it. but this whole suhani drama and sammys death is wack. and why is pihu still alive? rajat should have just married priya. smh


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