Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 30th May 2014 5th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Cheeku remembers about the video chat with Kimaya on 29th. Sid flirts with Devika and wants to be her boyfriend. Parineeti breaks up with Sid by informing him in the class via phone call. Cheeku meets a new friend Hansraj. Billu taunts Cheeku and also destroying his garden.


Cheeku wants to have a fresh life and wants to be cool and confident and yearns to change his life himself and he then meets Hansraj who calls him Cheeku Sir. Hansraj apologizes for shouting at Cheeku unnecessarily and wants Cheeku to come to the Canteen as there is a surprise waiting for him – a treat. Hansraj introduces Cheeku to Billu in the canteen and Billu speaks that he has destroyed his garden and Cheeku thinks that Billu is giving a treat as a reward for his good nature.

Billu then informs that Cheeku will be giving a treat to him and also informs that Cheeku is giving a treat to all his friends as well. Cheeku is shocked. Dodo meets a girl Radhika and thinks that she got a punishment. She responds that actually she is completing her homework. Dodo continues to think that she got a punishment from a professor and sooner the professor who is also her father comes and informs her to go to her class. He then speaks with Dodo (Ishaan Khosla) and says that its unbelievable that he haven’t completed the assignment since many weeks (60 days). Dodo replies that its unbelievable that Radhika is his daughter and leaves from there by running..

Cheeku at canteen brings Samosa (food) for Billu but without Chutney. Billu wants him to bring the sauce and he agrees to it with fear. Billu speaks that he is happy with Cheeku’s treat and regards Cheeku as his personal toy and wants to play him in the campus. Cheeku is then made as the dart and Billu taunts on Cheeku’s face skin..Billu says that if the bullet hits Cheeku’s face then its 25 points. and actually he realizes in hitting cheeku right on the face. Cheeku chats with kimaya via a video chat and wears a mask covering his face. As she is about to disconnect the call, he then shows his face while uncovering his mask. He says that he went to trekking and she informs that he should not lie as it is not in his zone. Cheeku informs her about Billu and she says that she will do tit for tat if it would have happened to her and will hit Billu with rubber bullet instead of paper bullet. She wants to do anything for him, and cheeku gets hiccups as he starts to feel for Kimaya. He then says that’s enough for him that Kimaya is with him as his friend and then the hiccups (hicki) stops. Kimaya suggests Cheeku to speak with his parents, and Cheeku thinks that he has to speak about Kimaya. He then understood that she was talking about Billu. Cheeku says that he doesn’t want to speak to his parents about Billu. She insists much and he says that he will try to speak.. He then disconnects the call..

Cheeku’s parents speak about the date 23rd and plans a surprise party and Cheeku thinks they are talking about him and even they want to give him a surprise gift. Cheeku then comes in front of his parents and he informs his father about Billu and says that Billu bullies him a lot and other weak students. Billu has damaged his garden, hit paper bullets and wants his father to deal with Billu in his college. Cheeku’s father suggests that he has many billu’s in his pocket during his college days and leaves from there. Cheeku thinks that his parents are making long plans for his birthday and thanks his parents and Kimaya. Sid speaks with Dodo about Devika. Dodo says that it is all destiny and says that Radhika is the daughter of a professor thereby proving his point how destiny unfolds. Dodo attends a call and says that his headphone ad is successful and the headphone is sold with much ease. Cheeku speaks with Sid that he doesn’t want a gift from him and instead Sid has to do some work for him. Sid and Dodo knows all about Billu’s action and behavior towards Cheeku. Sid says that there are 4 months left for his birthday so why to worry from now.. Cheeku says that what’s the benefit of having macho men as his brothers. Sid then gets an idea about macho men as Devika likes macho men. Sid wants to beat Billu in front of Devika and her friends so as to impress her. Cheeku thanks Kimaya for coming close to his brothers and thinks that Billu will get a hard lesson.

Dodo meets a girl who taunts Dodo that he hasn’t completed an assignment since 60 days. She says that on 23rd of this month his brother Cheeku’s birthday will be held and speaks that she is sure that he doesn’t know about it. Dodo now learns that Cheeku’s birthday is actually this month and hence Cheeku came to them and asks for help in combating Billu and in return he was ready to waive-off his birthday gift..She also speaks that he was planning to invite Radhika for Dodo’s birthday making Dodo uncomfortable as she knows a lot about his psyche. Sid plans and talks about Devika’s entry in college and also about Billu’s entry. Sid wants Cheeku to challenge Billu and also says that he should be in the corridor of Devika. Cheeku meets Billu, and Billu speaks that he learnt that Cheeku has challenged him. Sid comes there and warns Billu to not bully cheeku and Devika comes there and sees them. Sid boasts a lot of his power and is then beaten up badly by Billu. Devika sees Sid’s thrashing and learns about Sid’s boastful nature.

Next Episode: Dodo plans Cheeku’s birthday party while Sid is seen battered and bruised. Dodo eyes a girl with his telescope.

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