Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 31st May 2014 6th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): Cheeku remembers about the video chat with Kimaya on 29th. Sid flirts with Devika and wants to be her boyfriend. Parineeti breaks up with Sid by informing him in the class via phone call. Cheeku meets a new friend Hansraj. Billu taunts Cheeku and also destroying his garden. Sid confronts Billu while Devika is seeing them. Sid is going to be beaten up badly by Billu.


Sid wants Billu to not bully Cheeku and Sid is beaten up badly by Billu and even Billu hold him very high and Sid becomes blinded after the attack. Devika laughs on Sid and says that she cannot macho men Sid’s condition. Billu confronts Cheeku and says that from now on both Sid and his brother are his pappus and he will play with them. Devika taunts on Sid and leaves. Cheeku’s parents speak about a gold watch and Cheeku thinks it as his birthday gift. His father then sees Sid battered and bruised and his mother asks Sid how he got the injury ? She goes to bring the antiseptic and Sid informs his father that he met with an accident. Their father said that he was beaten very badly by somebody. Their mother curse the person who has hit their sons. Cheeku learns that his parents were excited for Battu Bhaiya’s marriage and he says thats not important for him.

Cheeku attends a voice chat and she asks him about his face, are you OK cheeku? She gets info that Billu has beaten Sid a lot and everything else is Ok. Kimaya wants him to think positive and bright like what will he do on 23rd. She says that she knows his birthday which is 18th birthday. Cheeku ponders whether she likes him as she remembers his birthday. Kimaya laughs as he get hiccups and laughs on him and says he is very cute and wants him to take care. They disconnect the call.. Cheeku wants to do something for the hiccups and then thinks how Kimaya remembers his birthday and says that Kimaya is only his friend. Sid is on bed recovering from his injury and Dodo taunts on him that he was beaten like dog and also says that Devika was laughing on him. Dodo speaks that he wants a make out while Sid wants to date Devika. Dodo suggests that they should speak with Cheeku and convince him to help them by showering him love. Dodo speaks with Cheeku that what if he says that he will help him in getting rid of Billu. Dodo says that his birthday is not known by their parents and when they will inform them about his birthday, so they feel guilt. Dodo wants them to use that situation and ask his parents to get permission for a good birthday party. Cheeku agrees to speak with parents and says its a done deal.

Cheeku meets Billu while he was doing exercise. Cheeku says that from the time he became his personal toy and also the time Billu destroyed his garden. Cheeku says that he is impressed of Billu after thinking a lot about him. He says that his man nature, body has impressed him a lot and then cheeku confesses his love for Billu and says that he really do love him. Billu becomes annoyed and wants him to not meet him again. Billu harasses another person when playing billiards and gets some letter from Cheeku.. Cheeku meets Hansraj and informs about sending Billu away from him thanks to Dodo’s plan and hugs Dodo as he comes there. Cheeku in the evening during dinner behaves in a sad mood, and he speaks emotionally with his parents that nobody knows the important day of his life. Sid and Dodo speaks that they have forgotten cheeku’s 18th birthday. His parents accuse each other for not remembering their son’s birthday. Cheeku’s mother says that they cannot cancel marriage plan. Sid and Dodo adds more spice and says that Cheeku is very hurt. Dodo suggests an idea of a surprise party to invite his friends so Cheeku will be happy and wants to have a meeting in the absence of their parents. His father doesn’t want to agree but their mother agrees to it and Dodo says that the party will be a routine party with cakes and drinks.

Sid checks in the mirror of his injury and Dodo receives a SMS about developments of their party. Cheeku is happy and thinks that everything will be good. Soon, he receives a SMS and cheeku becomes shocked after seeing it and even Dodo is also stunned..The message is from Billu which read that he loves Cheeku too.. Cheeku next day in the school meets Hansraj and he becomes afraid after seeing Hans. Cheeku shows the message of Billu to Hansraj and Cheeku sees Dodo speaking with Billu. Cheeku then realizes that it was the idea of Dodo of that SMS to separate Cheeku from Billu. Cheeku chats again with Kimaya while sitting in the bathroom and Kimaya says that Dodo is very smart. He says that at the end of the day, his brothers has helped him though they are selfish. He says that he will invite Hansraj, and Kimaya wants herself to be invited. She says that she will come with a surprise though Cheeku thinks that she may not come from United States. Sid speaks about Devika meeting at the party while Dodo is happy because he will see Radhika. They discuss and laugh that no useless character should come in the party. Cheeku thinks that Kimaya will come to the party with some surprise gift and he wants to wait until his 18th birthday.

Next Episode: Sid invites Devika, while Dodo is pampering Radhika for the party. Cheeku is also confident on the success of the party and his own self-confidence..

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