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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show by speaking about love and says that it doesn’t matter if you are from Kanpur or Ahmedabad, Chennai or Nagaland. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are small like him or bigger than him, short or long height. He talks that there is a feeling which affects everyone the same and it also gives us happiness and sadness equally. The feeling is of love. He says that the PTKK stories will show the power of love and even show those things which normal people won’t do.


The story starts with Anshuman looking for Neeti at her dairy farm and she comes from behind and holds him. She then wants him to kiss her and he reminds by holding her eyes about their promise to kiss on her 18th birthday. She then its fine and informs him about the gift she brought for him. She asks him to remove the gift from her dress’s pocket. He becomes shy and she insists him to remove it. He then takes it out from her pocket.

Meiyang (the host) says that their sweet story was set in Faridabad, Haryana, India. They were not fully aware of their love but they know that they cannot stay apart. Neeti’s mother taunts on her as she was late in bringing the milk after extracting from their buffaloes. Neeti replies to her mother with a naughty facial expression and her father comes to her rescue and says that she brought good fortune to them. Her mother responds that one day she will do some wrong action though her husband supports Neeti. Anshuman comes home from his window and is interrupted by his mother who gives him milk. He informs that he is nervous as he will be getting the result tomorrow. Next day, Anshuman is scolded by his father for getting 98.2 % while Neeti’s father is happy since Neeti got 60 % and even wants to distribute sweets in his neigborhood. Anshuman’s father speaks that he now cannot show his face in the neighborhood and punishes Anshuman and informs him that he cannot go out for the next 2 weeks. He further taunts his son by asking him whether he wants to become an engineer or a dairy farm personnel. Neeti’s father praises her and is proud of him being a dairy farm owner.

Next day, Anshuman goes out with Neeti in her jeep while not informing his family. She taunts Anshuman whether his father has topped the exams in his lifetime as he got scolded by his father for getting marks lower than his expectation. She then wants to confront his father directly and also jokes that she will tie his father along with her buffaloes. She then speaks that she cannot see him getting scolded as she loves him a lot. Anshuman says that he doesn’t love her. She becomes furious and stops the car, and then asks him to tell that he loves her. He then says he loves her a lot with which she becomes happy. She says that if he would said that he doesn’t love her, then she would have run the jeep over him. In the evening, both spend time together at her dairy farm and he speaks that he smells milk taste from her hand. He goes on to say that her hand is made up of milk bringing smile on her face. Neeti informs that she also got an admission in the same high-school like Ansh so now they can share more time together. She is ecstatic about it. He speaks that her percentage is low and doesn’t meet the cut-off. She responds that as her father is a dairy farm owner so he called some people and even paid donation to get her admitted in the school. She then shows her admission letter to him, and he hesitantly responds that she got admitted in Arts while he is Science. He tells that his classes are from 7 to 12 noon, and her classes will start from 1 pm. Thus, their classes schedule are at different times so they cannot meet in school. She speaks that she wished to meet during the day and he talks that its very risky to meet at night. Neeti’s confidence is down but she hugs him..

Meiyang chang (the host): They used to meet secretly in the night, and Ansh has convinced his father and took his admission in the same school like Neeti.

Anshuman joins the school and attends the same class like Neeti. Neeti after seeing him becomes relieved and is very happy. Neeti asks him why has he chosen to opt for Art, and sacrificed his science and engineering dream ? He says that now his dream is her and now he will not only meet her in night but also during day time. Neeti after hearing it begins to flirt with him with her charm and even wants to kiss him but he again reminds her of their promise to kiss on her 18th birthday. When she asked about informing to his parents about their relationship, he says that now they are adults and his parents will agree with them. He says first studies, job and she says marriage and he responds with children. Neeti says that is too much to think of children now. Meiyang (the host) says that their love is of different kind. Neeti was behaving like a man and was very protective about her love for Anshuman. Ansh used to forget his tensions, and problems after seeing Neeti..Next day in class, Neeti throws a chit at Ansh, and even showers him a flying kiss. Both spend good time together in school. Later, in night, Neeti comes to Anshuman’s house through the window while Anshuman is reading a Chemistry book and his father is asleep. He becomes surprised on seeing her suddenly in his room and she wants to take him outside. Ansh’s mother comes and asks him why has he shouted ? She wants to open the light and also wants to give him a head massage but he somehow manages to send her away. He then goes with Neeti.

Next morning, he gives her a letter as they will not be able to meet in evening. He also promises to do her assignment. Anshuman is then confronted by some boys who holds him and speaks that they also want to become friends of Neeti. They starts to harass him more and at this moment Neeti comes in and confronts the boys and even hits them making them fall down on the ground. He beats them in the abdomen and one of the boys goes to Harsh their friend and wants him to help them. But Harsh replies that he is happy to see them getting beaten and he sees Neeti beating the boys. In the night, Neeti and Anshuman are spending time at her dairy farm while they look at the moon. She speaks why his mood looks bad ? He speaks that he is not fearful and says that she always rescued him and says that as a boy it was his duty to protect her. She replies that he risked his career because of her and tells that he is not fearful and instead people are jealous of him as he tops in the class and also very cute. She speaks that she decided to marry him when she saw him shifting to his current place. He speaks that he was just 13 years old at that time, and she replies Isn’t a 13-year old child has feelings ? Neeti laughs on that thought and says that she remembers him engrossed his books and also reminds him about his letter that he gave him after the coaching class. She says that it was like – Pehla Nasha Pehla Ghumaar moment for her. He says that after giving her the letter he was not afraid at all, and says that the best moment for her. She again wants to kiss him, and says it would be much fun. He suggests to wait for few days as her birthday is coming soon and then they can kiss. She replies why her birthday is coming so slow..

Meiyang Chang (the host): speaks about a quote – Sone Pe Suhaga.. Neeti and Ansh who used to meet before for only few minutes are now meeting most of the time during the day and this was the best part of their teenage life.

Neeti at school drinks water and is then interrupted by Harsh who says that even he is thirsty and feels hot after seeing her. She tries to avoid him and walks away, but he stops her. He then says that she belongs to the same caste like him and then offers a cadbury chocolate. She replies that she doesn’t eat chocolates. She wants him to show his Heropanti at some other place and he replies that he is the big Boy of that place and calls him as the father of that place. She then calls herself as the mother. When she holds him, he says that her hands are quite rough and hard. He says that he hasn’t seen her well and then throws water at her dress and says now he can see her well..Neeti also throws water at him below his belt and speaks that now he will get cool down from his thirst. Harsh thinks that she is equally very strong. Neeti meets Anshuman who asks her why she looks troubled ? she speaks that now she is fine as he came with her. Sooner, Anshuman is beaten up in the school’s restroom by Harsh. Harsh informs Anshuman while holding his face that from now on his face will be on Neeti’s mind and heart. Harsh slaps Anshuman many times on his face and says that who will win love will be decided by power and not by weakness.

Neeti takes Anshuman to Harsh and confronts him. Harsh asks her, does he need to permission to attack Ansh ? She speaks about complaining to the principal but harsh says that the principal is in his pocket due to his father’s power. She then wants to complain to her father after which he boldly says that’s also fine as he can meet him (his father-in law) as well. Neeti goes away from there with anger in her heart. In the evening, Harsh comes to Neeti’s home and introduces as Neeti’s classmate and wishes to take her notes. Neeti’s father is confused a bit and then calls Neeti and asks her whether she knows him ? She doesn’t reply but Harsh speaks that Neeti herself has invited him on the context of giving him the notes. Harsh then starts to go from there after taking notes. As he is about to leave, he is stopped and Neeti’s father warns him that if he is seen another time close to their home or neighborhood then he will cut his legs and put them on a tree. He also warns his daughter to not invite anybody at their home or to entertain boys around her at the school. He also says that he himself has given her lot of freedom that’s why she is doing such things and warns that if she brings shame to her family then he will be the first one to punish by killing her.

Meiyang Chang (the host): speaks that Neeti’s father was dead against in having boys roaming around Neeti and doesn’t want to see her with any boy. While Ansh has lied to his parents about his admission in the school as he took Arts instead of Science. Harsh was the son of a trustee. In such a situation with many fears, Neeti and Ansh had no option to inform their parents about their relationship and problems.

Neeti and Anshuman goes out in night in her jeep and he informs her that he doesn’t know the reverse gear and Neeti helps him by taking control of the steering wheel. Soon, heavy rain starts and as they begin to drive fast, Harsh comes with a friend on a bike and interrupts them, He speaks that she behaves very innocent in front of her father while she is hanging out with a boy and says that the girl from his caste is spending time outside and even taunts on her manners. He then speaks to teach a lesson to her and informs that whatever happens now will be good for her. Harsh then confronts Ansh and asks him whether he can protect Neeti while holding his head. While holding Ansh, Harsh shares a quote that you to have to spread the legs according to the length of the blanket. Harsh beats Ansh and calls him equivalent of a lotus, and says that lotus are grown only in a muddy place. Anshuman is down and becomes unconscious on the ground and Neeti cries after seeing him in that condition. Harsh warns that if Anshuman is seen with her at school, town or any other place, then he will insert a knife into his body thereby giving an open threat to harm Anshuman with dire consequences. He then leaves from there. Next morning, Anshuman meets Neeti in school and she asks him whether he is fine. He replies that he is fine and then wishes her Happy birthday, and even gives her a card as a present. He then asks whether she remembers about her birthday ? Neeti gets reminded about their promise to kiss on her 18th birthday and also remembers Harsh’s warning to harm Ansh.

Neeti is then confronted by Harsh who stops her by holding his hand at her face and says that he learnt about her birthday. He hold her head while Harsh’s friend gets hold of Ansh. Neeti reminds him about his promise to not touch Ansh, and he replies that he will not touch Ansh if she becomes his girlfriend. He wants Neeti to be his girlfriend and blackmails her by saying that if she doesn’t agree then Ansh will not remain intact. She agrees to become Harsh’s girlfriend as her sacrifice for Ansh. Harsh then forcibly kisses her as she became his girlfriend and calls it as a gift, He says that was only trailer and also informs that they will make picture everyday. Neeti comes to the restroom and washes her face, She remembers the forced kiss from Harsh and also the promise that she made with Ansh about kissing on her 18th birthday. She cries profusely while looking at the mirror. She then hears a knock at the restroom door and she thinks Ansh is knocking the door. She wants him to leave as she doesn’t wish to talk at that time. But the knocks doesn’t stop, and she then goes to find Harsh. He comments that she is crying like she became a mother of his child. He says that nothing has happened and shows her the gift (dress) that he brought for her. He then wants her to wear the dress which is black in colour and he wants to take a photo of her with the dress, She responds that she cannot wear the dress but he says that he doesn’t want to hear a NO and if she doesn’t listen to him then he will make sure she changes the dress in front of him instead in private place. He blackmails her further that if she doesn’t agree then Ansh will be beaten up very badly. He then takes Neetu who is seen wearing a black dress in one piece in front of Ansh and Harsh wants Ansh to see her in that dress. Ansh doesn’t look at her and keeps his eyes down. Harsh says that its last chance for Ansh as from now on Neeti is only for him. Neeti cries and she forcibly accepts that she is for Harsh only. As she begins to feel uncomfortable in that short dress, he wants her to show her body and even forcibly takes a selfie and also photographs her in short dress. Neeti cries as he takes her photographs. After that, Neeti runs away from there and Harsh informs Ansh that from now on he will remove her clothes as well.

In the evening, Neeti meets Ansh, and wants them to inform their parents. Ansh speaks that if they inform they will face death from their parents, and Neeti says that’s better than Harsh’s harassment. She says that Harsh will not allow them to live together and she says that now she doesn’t have power and is very helpless. Ansh asks for her hand as he gets confidence and after holding her hands reminds about her words of not leaving him in any circumstances. Ansh says that nobody can come between them and even Harsh, and now they will live and die together. He wants her to come to school next day and both hugs each other. Next day in school, she is again intercepted by Harsh as she was about to leave for home. He then takes her to the terrace of the school building and tries to physically harass her. She tries to push him but in vain. Ansh comes from behind and hits Harsh with some heavy object but Harsh is not affected much. Harsh then confronts Ansh and tries to harm him badly but then Neeti comes to the rescue of Ansh and they fight more on the terrace. Neeti finds some stick there and hits Harsh on his head with that stick.. Ansh remembers all the insults meted out to him by Harsh and also harsh remembers all the insults he inflicted on Ansh and Neeti while he holds on his head. Harsh was bleeding from his head and was losing control and drifting to fall from the terrace. Ansh couldn’t help him from falling and he falls down and dies. Ansh and Neeti runs away from there. (Yeh Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya…. song playing),

Meiyang Chang (the host): speaks that Neeti and Ansh was bullied by Harsh so much day in day out, and also nobody could have listened to them, with no option left they decided to take matter in their own hands and hit Harsh severely. When you are in love at a tender age, you want to talk with someone who are elder than you but Neeti and Ansh’s parents didn’t help either and they only got fear from them. Their parents has instilled in them a lot of fear because of which they have to fight their cause themselves. Neeti and Ansh didn’t share what happened to anybody and if they could then whatever happened would have not happened in first place. As of today, we don’t know the whereabouts of Neeti and Ansh and their situation. He says that Love happens from heart but it is also important to apply mind as well because this is a battle you don’t want to loose. Meiyang signs off by saying – Keep Loving, Ciao!

Image credits: Official Facebook page of Zing TV

Info on Cast:
* Anshuman is played by actor Anshuman Malhotra. Anshuman’s Twitter page. Currently, Anshuman is playing the role of Dodo in Channel V’s show Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri.

* Neeti is played by actress Abigail Jain. She was born in Mumbai on 27th February 1992. She is best known for her lead role in TV series Humse Hai Liife. She also have supporting roles as kakoon (bengali girl) in Kya Dill Mein Hai and as Madhu in Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai. She also worked in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui, and Channel V’s Gumrah. Read more at her Wikipedia page

* Harsh is played by actor Mrinal Dutt

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