Krishna to boost morale of Arjun by sharing the knowledge from Bhagavad Gita – Promo


Mahabharat Star Plus Arjun and Krishna

Krishna has earlier suggested to Arjun and Pandavas’ that killing Bhishma is the need of the hour as otherwise they cannot defeat Kauravas. Pandavas’ are short of 4 army units in comparison to Kauravas though Krishna suggested that Dharm alone will make them victorious and it doesn’t matter much the army size. Earlier, Pandavas’ maternal uncle Shalya and his army has joined Kauravas army instead of Pandavas because of a deceit by Duryodhan and his brothers. This has weakened Pandavas in their army size. Arjun on hearing the need to kill Bhishma becomes worried and nervous. As shown in the promo, Arjun speaks with Krishna in a teary voice that how can he hold weapons against Pitamah Bhishma and Guru Drona.


He says that even if he goes to Paradise after killing them then that is also waste for him. Krishna will then tell him the reasons why the sacrifice of our own people is needed for the sake of Dharm. Krishna will share the knowledge from Bhagavad Gita on the sacrifice to bring Dharm. Stay tuned to Mahabharat @ 8:30 PM (Mon-Sat) on Star Plus.

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