Mission Sapne 8th June 2014 on Colors – Salman Khan, Written Update


Mission Sapne Colors

Mission Sapne is a reality show which brings the common man to the fore and connects them with their favorite actor/star. The show promises to fulfill the dreams and desires of the common people.


Sonali Bendre Behl (the hostess) starts the show and speaks a quote – Today coast is very far, and the boat is under a storm, today destiny laughs on our dreams but still in the diminishing eyes, new light comes to it..Far away at the stars a wanderer sings..let’s that weather be not there and this weather will also fade away.. One day destiny will loose and eventually dreams will win. She welcomes all and informs about Qurbaan Ali. The precap shows that Qurban who is a handicapped person and his dreams has lost with time, but today’s dreams will be fulfilled by megastar Salman Khan.

Mission Sapne Sonali Bendre Behl

Sonali invites Qurban on the stage, and he comes on a wheel-chair and doesn’t have legs. He comes on stage and cries and even his children cries after seeing him. She welcomes asked about his family – Shameer Ali, Unnjala, and his wife Mehnaaz Khatoon. She asks him about the accident that took away his legs and made him handicapped. He recounts about the incident going back to 2012 on 15th march, he went for some outdoor, and he was empty-stomach and he fell down became unconscious. He was taken to the hospital and people have told him that for 30 minutes nobody helped him and the police have taken him to the hospital. Sonali speaks with his wife Mehnaaz about his accident, and she informs that somebody phoned her to inform that Qurbaan met with an accident and his two legs are cut. Mehnaaz cries while speaking, and as she didn’t know what will happen to her children. She says after 3 days he got conscious. Qurbaan says that he was in the hospital for almost 25 days and was crying all the time as he was contemplating how can he can support his family and kids. He speaks that now he plans to do something for his children though his life will go on and it doesn’t matter if he is happy or sad and only wants to see his children’s happiness.

She wants to share a story about Salman Khan during his school days. She speaks that Salman when he was 10 years old he used to study in Bandra’s Christian school and there the father who runs the school informed the students about other poor students in the school who couldn’t afford a meal, and asked his students to take some responsibility of those students and give them food. Salman then as a young boy asked the father on the number of such students, and got a reply that 10-12 students. Salman then said that he will take them to his home and offer food, and until they passed out from school, they continue to eat at Salman’s home. She says that childhood of those student and Salman passed by, the world changed, and Salman became a big superstar. She says that Salman’s heart didn’t change and he takes much pride being human. She then calls Salman on stage and calls him People’s man. Salman comes on stage and greets Qurbaan as well. Qurbaan becomes happy on seeing him.

Sonali shows an AV on life of Qurbaan (with Noor-e-Khuda song from My Name is Khan) and shows Qurbaan worshipping at the mosque, and speaks that he has worked as a hair-dresser, and lives in Delhi. In 2003, he got married and in 2004 he came to Delhi. He learnt hair-dressing at the saloon and used to earn 10,000 to 15,000 INR and that was sufficient for him and family, and life was going fine. He talks on the accident day, he speaks that he was crossing a railway line crossing, and suddenly he got a sun stroke and he fell down at the line because of which his legs were cut and was taken to the hospital and after becoming conscious he realized that about his situation. After the accident, he lost interest in working as the hair-dresses under the circumstances he was in. He then started to sell zarda/Gutka/cigarettes for his living and he used to earn 50 to 100 INR a day. Mehnaaz speaks that after the accident, they suffered a lot and with his earning of 100 INR a day it is difficult to support the family for ration and grocery. He wants God to help him and show him some means so he can support his family and specially children.

Salman speaks that the incident is very bad for him and Qurbaan cries. Sonali speaks that whenever there is a necessity and help needed, Salman comes in. He says that he likes to come at such places and tells Qurbaan to not cry. Salman says that he can understand what Qurbaan and his family are feeling and going through at this moment, and suggests that if his passion of hair-dressing fades away then his life will also fade away bringing sadness to the family. So, instead he has to focus on his passion as he has control over his mind and can work with hands, and wants him to give good education to his children. He wants him to beg his hair-dresser boss just for the sake of his children. Qurbaan responds that the boss didn’t agree to hire him as he couldn’t attend the clients well and says that he now works as a Gutka/cigarette seller and earns 50 to 100 INR which is just sufficient for some vegetables. Salman speaks with Sonali that its easy to say somebody that you have hands and don’t worry that you don’t have legs, and asks them to go and work. He then suggests Qurbaan to continue his passion for hair-dressing so as to be successful in life leading to applause from audience.

Mission Sapne Colors, Salman and Qurbaan

Sonali then speaks with Salman about a girl with whom he has met. Salman speaks about the girl Subhreet Kaur Ghumman who also had a similar accident and has only one leg and she is a dancer by profession. Sonali invites Subhreet on stage and Salman informs her that he has seen her on TV (subhreet was a finalist on India’s got talent Season 5 – IGT) and even also tweeted about her after taking her photo on TV. She thanks Salman, and she then suggests Qurbaan to not leave happiness since if you are unhappy then life will leave you so we need to be happy always and use our talent and people will come to us after seeing it. Subhreet and Salman dances on the Dhinka Chika song on the stage and even Salman dances on one leg. Sonali thanks Subhreet for coming and also for instilling confidence and inspiring people.

Mission Sapne Colors Salman and Subhreet

Salman speaks that whoever are watching might take the incident of Qurbaan lightly as they would think that train accidents doesn’t happen so easily as they can see the train. He says that maximum amount of accidents happen at the crossing. Sonali speaks on Salman’s job for the day which is of a hair-dresser which was the original passion of Qurbaan. Sonali then adds that whatever he will earn will be multiplied and then given to Qurbaan. After then, Salman cracks a joke that the money doesn’t come with dandruff and shampoo invoking a laughter. Salman takes Qurbaan with him and pushes his wheelchair.

At 11:00 am: Goregaon, Mumbai:
Salman decides to run a saloon and there he finds hundreds of people already waiting for him. The people chants Jai Ho. Salman gets his first customer who shows his photo and wants the same hair style like Salman. Salman speaks with his customer and wants 100 INR, and with much persuasion gets that amount before cutting his hair. Salman starts to cut his hair and even threatens to trim hair badly. Next, Salman finds a man who wants Salman to trim his french beard. He then trims it fully. He then meets a small young boy who came with his mother, and wants the hair-style of Ready movie. His mother then wants Salman to dance with her son and then they dance together on Dinka Chika song and thanks son-mother duo.

Mission Sapne Colors Salman with money earned as a Barber

At 2:00 PM:

A girl comes to Salman’s saloon who wants a head massage without oil, and he becomes a bit worried and asks her if she is sure and serious about it. She is very sure and needs a head massage and Salman feels very weird and he tries to smell the hair of her before massaging her. He then massages her head and she asks him whether her hairs are good ? She then asks him for some dance, and both dances together and gets 200 INR (Photo Na thi song). The girl speaks that Salman gave a super massage and the best in Mumbai. Salman meets another customer who wants short hair contrary to the one Salman had in his movie Tere Naam (Radhe – long hair). Salman cuts the hair and trims the hair very badly with complete trimming at the back and some hair remaining in the front and with such hairstyle the fan’s family couldn’t recognize him in that weird Tere Naam style.

Salman on Mission Sapne

At 3:00 PM

Salman finds a women with her young baby, and salman poses a pic with her and gets 100 INR. Next customer is a women who wants a head massage, and he gives her the massage, and he explains to her about Qurbaan and the charitable work he is doing, and calls Qurbaan a differently-abled person instead of a disabled person. Though he doesn’t want to offer head message but all his women fans wants the same. He even sings – Dil kaha Raha Hain.. Teri Dhadkan ko Chooh Lo.. Tera Jism Ooodh Lo and then dances on the Photo Ko Seene Se Chipkale Saiyaan Fevicol Se. The women speaks that their experience was amazing with Salman. Another customer comes and wants Salman to sing – Tere Mast Mast Yo Naain..Mera Dil Ke legaya Chain.. The client feels elated and wants a facial shave though he looks clean shaven. Salman gives him a shave and he says Salman Bhai Zindabad. Salman speaks that people are coming though they know that the services will not be good, and he suggests that program like Mission Sapne has a good message and proper use of TV is being made.

Mission Sapne Colors- Salman and Qurbaan

At 4:00 PM:
Salman leaves from there and his fans has supported him wholeheartedly. Sonali speaks that Salman had worked in a short saloon to fufill the dreams of Qurbaan though many hair-dressers worked for him. Sonali then welcomes Salman back on stage and he comes with Qurbaan. Salman speaks that he has cut the hair very badly and even made some people look bald. Sonali speaks that his fans were happy with his massage, and Salman speaks that his sisters and sister-in law have made him to massage their heads. The same customer Arshad who got his hairs cut completely trimmed from the back in a weird Radhe style (from Tere naam) comes on stage and Salman cracks a joke on him and wants his family to send his photo in that look for marriage. Qurbaan speaks that Salman Bhai was looking start while doing hair-cutting. Mehnaaz gives Salman 11/10 and his daughter gives 200 points while his son gives him 50. Sonali then invites Qurbaan’s family on stage and asks Mehnaaz if she has to say something to Salman. Sonali speaks that Salman has earned 7,800 INR with no deductions, and after multiplying by 100 times the final net amount is 7,80,000 INR. Mehnaaz thanks Salman and calls him Bhaijaan while looking shy. Qurbaan hugs Salman and cries profusely, and tells that it was a big favor from Salman which he will remember throughout his life. Salman responds with his dialogue – Mujh Pe Ahsaan Karna Mujh Pe Koi Ahsaan Nahi Karna.

Sonali speaks that journey is too long and it need to covered with togetherness. From where it is stopped my friend, you need to take it forward and she thanks everyone.

Next Episode: Television superstar and Film Actor Ronit Roy will fulfill the dreams of an old man – Jamaad Ali by working on the streets of Lucknow as a Cosmetic/Bangles seller.

Celebrities that are participating on the show:
Salman Khan (Hair dresser), Ranbir Kapoor (Vada Pav Seller), Mika Singh (Tea Vendor), Ram Kapoor (Taxi driver), Karan Johar (Photographer), Siddharth Malhotra, Drashti Dhami (Nimbu-Mirchi seller). Ronit Roy, Harbhajan Singh, and Varun Dhawan (Porter/Coolie)

Image credit: Twitter pages of Colors TV and Mission Sapne

Sneak Peek of today’s Episode with Salman
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/QzAPamSLEhs]

Next Week – 15th June 2014 – Ronit on Mission Sapne Promo
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/mWhG628cpow]

Mission Sapne Music Video:
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