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Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Abhi and Pragya are married

After initial hiccup by Abhi, Abhi-Pragya marriage is underway. Pragya is seen in a red wedding Ghagra-Choli dress on the marriage day, and carries all the emotions of a bride on her face while also being happy. To ward off the evil, she is given a black thread to be wear on her feet but it drops off when she walks towards her the stage and mandap. Pragya comes on the stage and greets Abhi and both looks at each other with Pragya yearning for happiness while Abhi carries a pensive look. Sooner, the garland ceremony (exchanging malas) starts, and Abhi starts to put his garland on pragya but then the power goes off, and only Suresh can fix that problem by replacing the fuse.


Abhi decides to not wait since it was too hot there, and utilizes the light from the lighter, and puts the garland on Pragya. Then, comes the turn of Pragya, and when she just completes in putting the garland on Abhi, the electricity comes since Suresh just replaced the fuse. Abhi points out to Pragya that Suresh is the one who has brought light in their life.

Abhi introduces actress/star Shraddha Kapoor as her friend to Bulbul, Purvi and other and insists that she will sing a song for him and Shraddha then sings Teri Galiyan song. from her movie Ek Villain. Even Abhi sings the same song male version, and Pragya thinks that Abhi is a good singer. Abhi also introduces Pragya to Shraddha and they share greeting. Pragya showers a compliment to Abhi on his singing abilities, and suggests that he sang this song better than his trademark Happy Love song. Abhi shrugs off her a bit by saying that she doesn’t understand music (a bit Nok-Jhok from him) but Pragya takes it sportingly since it was not too strong. Daadi comes there and informs her that she was right in suggesting Abhi on his improvements on singing. The bollywood heartthrob/star Siddharth Malhotra (Sid) also comes to meet Abhi and greet him on his wedding, and offers his bike as the gift.

Abhi asks Pragya who will be the villain in the movie. She responds that in love stories there is always a villain, and then Abhi gives a small taunt that she is a villain in his life, and also accepts that he is a villain in her life. Pragya is confused but that those interactions very trivial at that time. Both then proceeds to the mandap and sits together in-front of the pious fire, and Nimmi aka Nimrit (Abhi’s cousin sister) ties the knot for them. Thereafter, Abhi completes the mangalsutra ritual of the marriage, and now both are couple of steps away from realizing their marriage – Saat Phere (seven circumambulations/vows) and blessings from elders. As seen before the mangalsutra ceremony, Pragya is seen to have accepted Abhi as her partner fully, and after facing so many hardships Pragya does deserve a happy marriage. We wish the two opposite personalities who are suited well by their destiny a happy and prosperous marriage. Coming to their profiles, Pragya is a teacher with degrees [Bachelor in literature, Double Master in literature, and was pursuing Ph.D. but stopped, while Abhi is a Rockstar]. Pragya’s goodness and rightful nature will usher happiness through their thick and thin times, and even during their future Nok Jhoks.

Additional Note: Sid and Shraddha’s upcoming movie Ek Villain releases on 27th June.

PS: We thought that mangalsutra ceremony is after the Saat Phere in traditional Hindu and/or Punjabi weddding, but it was shown before in today’s episode (19th June 2014), we may be wrong about it as well. It is more satisfactory that Pragya-Abhi are about to get married with couple of steps away 🙂

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