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Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that fairy tales were there before and they are long gone. Still today, every girl thinks that a prince charming will come on a white horse and will take her away. Both lead a good and happy life and all her dreams will be fulfilled. However, what we think or what is in our mind doesn’t gets fulfilled always. On that note, she speaks on today’s story about Sumona, a simple, innocent, the girl next door and a lovely girl who thought that after her marriage she will be leading a good and happy life according to her dreams. Surbhi speaks that the girl might not be knowing that there is a big difference between dreams and reality.


The story starts with Sumona seeing the the boy Indraneil’s family arriving at her home through the window. Soon, both families start talking and Indraneil’s mother taunts on the tea quality there, and speaks to Sumona that she has to take care of her family after marriage. Moreover, she speaks that it was the wish of her husband to get Sumona and Indraneil married and she is fulfilling it. Thereafter, it is agreed that Indraneil and Sumona will get married at the earliest. Sooner, Sumona is married to Indraneil, and sits on her bed during their Suhaag Raat day. He informs about some things which he wanted to convey. She can get everything from here but he wants to make sure that they will lead a married life but without anything between them (referring to physical relationship). He wants her to follow the duties of a wife,and she will get the respect of a daughter-in law (Bahu) and should not expect more things from him.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Sumona’s dreams were shattered after hearing Indraneil’s words of not giving her the rightful respect of a wife. She couldn’t do anything as she cannot leave her husband’s house as it is taught in families. Because of societal pressures and taunts, Sumona decided to stay with her husband.

Indraneil speaks with Shaumik, the one who is a like younger brother to him but actually his friend. Shaumik became a lawyer and Indraneil congratulates him. At that time, Sumona brings some Betel (Paan), while Indraneil is not interested in it but Shaumik takes it with much happiness. Indraneil also compliments that she has prepared a nice food and he would have not got the same in Delhi. Sooner, Indraneil is confronted by some men while they were conversing. It turns out that those men were labourers who are angry with Indraneil, and wants to do harm. Shaumik wants him to calm down and speaks that until he is there his Dada (Indraneil) will be fine. After then, he asks his Baawdi (Sumona) whether everything is Ok. She doesn’t answer..

Next morning on the breakfast table. Indraneil’s mother speaks about keeping the labourers away, and even taunts on Shaumik as he is the son of a labourer who used to work at their Tea farm. She speaks that there is no future for the family as there is no heir. She speaks that one year have passed by but still there is no heir [Sadiyo Purani Aise Kahaani.. Rahegi..].. Sooner, Sumona comes close to her husband in their room, and as she hugs him, he becomes annoyed and she speaks that though one year have passed, he didn’t even touched her. She speaks that his mother taunts every time thinking that it is her mistake and the truth is that he doesn’t want to come close. He holds her hairs, and pulls her away. Sumona cries with dejection and sadness, and this is seen by Shaumik, and then she removes her tears. Shaumik leaves from there without saying anything.

Shaumik goes to meet Indraneil who was painting there. He is first hesitant, and speaks that he thinks bawdi (Sumona) is not happy which means whether he has any problem ? Indraneil responds that though he is like his younger brother but he should not interfere in his personal matters and even goes on to say its none of his business. Shaumik suggests that he is ready to help him in whatever capacity and cites that it is his right to ask him. Indraneil responds that he is tired of fighting alone and the 100-year old Virasat and the tea state responsibility are on his shoulders. Shaumik wants him to say what he wants and speaks that nobody can hurt Roy Choudhry’s family.

Thereafter, Indraneil opens up and speaks that he wants a son but cannot produce one, and Shaumik is the one whom he trusts the most. Shaumik speaks that there are so many doctors available for treating the problem but again Indraneil speaks of his reputation and wants Shaumik to do something. Indraneil then peaks that Shaumik has to give a son for him and Sumona. Shaumik speaks that he cannot do such a thing and she is a Bawdi for him. Indraneil then speaks on many things which his family has done for him, and he responds that it will be tough for him. After that, Indraneil breaks the painting and wants him to follow what he is saying…

Indraneil comes to his room, and compliments Sumona on her dress as she wore the bridal dress as told by him. He informs her that she has to go to Shaumik’s room. He speaks that only Shaumik can help him with a son. She speaks about her respect and he informs that it is for his son and family. He orders her to do what he is saying, and just to get a son he can do anything so she has to follow him. She goes to Shaumik’s room in the red bridal dress. She speaks to Shaumik who says that it is an awkward situation for him as well, and she speaks that she is married, is not bought and is not a toy pointing her annoyance towards her husband. He makes a promise that he will not hurt her. She speaks about not having respect for her husband from then on. He calls her Bawdi and doesn’t want her to cry..

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Indraneil was so mad to get a son that he lost all the respect for his wife..

Next day, Shaumik and Sumona meets Indraneil, and he just wants a son as he cannot bear his family’s bad reputation. He speaks that she got which she expected and then forces her to follow his words by twisting her hands. Sumona remembers Indraneil’s words during their Suhaag raat night, other insults, Shaumik words, and her husband continuous insistence for a son. Sooner then, she hugs Shaumik under a Banyan tree and both share an eyelock. A helper come there and informs them that labourers are in rampage and destroying the tea state. Indraneil calls the police, and Shaumik runs to bring and protect Baawdi. Shaumik finds Sumona being threatened by a man, and he goes there to protect her and in the process gets hit by the sharp knife from that man. The police comes there, and after then they are safe.

During night, She meets Shaumik and he calls her Bawdi. She reiterates herself as Sumona then he also calls her Sumona instead of Baawdi. Indraneil sees them together. Sooner, she goes to her room and does make-up and feels happy and remember [Hawa Choka..]. She goes to his room and wears his cap and shoes and going through a sweet feeling of love, and even her mother’in law sees her. Shaumik is recovering from the bruise injury and she brings a soup for him, and wants to change the dressing of wound. He speaks that destiny plays games which is very different and speaks that she is not having a good life in this 4-walled home, and even he cannot do anything. She speaks on her happiness, and even is getting nicely dressed because of him, and wants love as she knows he will never hurt her. She comes close to him and then shies. Sooner, he comes close to her, and they made love and share intimate moments.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that love changes so many people. Sumona wanted her husband to give her love, but instead she got love from Shaumik. Sumona felt happy though she was still living in a bounded and restricted home. Indraneil’s mother speaks with him about Sumona’s being so bubbly and having seen in great dresses. Indraneil speaks to her mother that he only told Sumona to visit Shaumik’s room for the first time, and at the right time Shaumik will be killed. Sumona hears the conversation.

Sumona goes to Shaumik and informs him about the same. Shaumik speaks that the one who gets love easily then they don’t respect it, and on the contrary the one who yearns for it faces much hardships and problems. She speaks that her husband’s family does not have the right on Shaumik and whatever they did (during his childhood and grownup days) doesn’t count so dearly. She vows to protect him, and wants to run away for him, herself and the baby. Shaumik walks away with Sumona and is intercepted by Indraneil. Indraneil speaks that he has given deceit and back stabbed him for Sumona. Shaumik speaks with Indraneil that Sumona didn’t got respect from him which she deserved. Indraneil reminds him that he would have been a child labourer if he didn’t help him in his childhood. He speaks with Sumona and asks how come she has deserted her husband and also the respect. Indraneil becomes annoyed and takes out the gun, and speaks that he will leave him, and shoots Shaumik’s down.. Sumona is shocked and Indraneil speaks that Shaumik is gone and also being buried in their compound. He speaks that how come Shaumik can give deceit to his Dada and terms that he was so small, and furthermore how come she was running away without thinking of his family’s respect.

He speaks that she got finally which she deserved, the result was that Shaumik died, and whatever she did was wrong and the punishment was meted out to Shaumik, and they will not speak about it anymore. He wants her to speak to police that some labourer have killed Shaumik. She doesn’t agree with her husband and speaks that Shaumik’s son will carry his name forward. Both fight and she stabs him first with her hair pin, and then shoots him down with Indraneil’s own gun.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Sumona a simple and middle-class girl has gone through lot of things during her marriage – insults, taunts. After Shaumik’s death, she was changed and was not frightened, and was a changed person. She speaks that love can make you do anything, and if love is taken away, then you will do go to the extreme while if you get love easily then you will be upbeat and in full excitement. She asks whether Sumona did the right thing and wants viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on twitter and facebook, and Zing TV social networks pages. Surbhi signs off by saying – Keep Loving, Keep Watching !

Info on Cast
* Sumona is played by actress Sara Khan
– She is an Indian model and actress. Best known for her role in serials Star Plus’ Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai, Zee TV’s Ram Milaayi Jodi and Life Ok’s Junoon – Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq.
– Won the Miss Madhya Pradesh title in 2007.
– She was one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Season 4 on Colors TV
– Read more at her Wikipedia page.

* Indraneil is played by actor Mayank Gandhi
– Past Works: role of Rajas Raghuvanshi having grey character in Desh Ki Beti Nandini; Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum; Kasam Se and Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna
– Reality shows: Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket on 9X.
– Current works: One of the seven participants in MTV Splitsvilla 7. FYI, Splitsvilla first episode was telecast today.

* Shaumik is played by actor Kunal Verma

Additional Info:
* Prince Charming is a character in a number of fairy tales and folkfore. He is a prince who comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress, and stereotypically, must engage in a quest to liberate her from an evil spell. Read more on its Wikipedia page and you can find there its connection with Cinderella and other traditional folk tales.

* Paan is Hindi word (In Sanskrit parṇa ‘feather) and in english called Betel. It is consumed for stimulating preparation combined with areca nut and/or cured tobacco. Paan is chewed and finally spat out or swallowed. Read more at its Wikipedia page.

* There will be estimated 13 Episodes of PTKK on Zing TV.

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