Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 20th June 2014 11th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V

Recap (Preview): The party is finally realized, and Cheeku attends the party but feels out of place. Dodo tries hard to impress Radhika, and Sid pampers Devika and becomes a photographer for her. Dodo is worried because he made a lie that Yo Yo Singh – a rapper will be coming to attend the party, and expects that his friends and attendees will beat him. After dejection to find friends, Cheeku drinks alcohol and feels bad about it, and vows to not drink again. Kimaya is watching the party via the video web cam. Cheeku decides to commit suicide after dejection at the party since he couldn’t make friends. Kimaya wishes Cheeku by preparing a cake specially for him, Dodo befriends Kattu and his plan to come close to Radhika doesn’t realized, Cheeku tries to confess to Kimaya but couldn’t do as he was not in his own because of the drink.


Next morning, Cheeku awakes and Sid knocks at his room and he feels dizziness and headache and remembers everything in pieces, and soon he gets a call from Kimaya while Sid and Dodo are knocking at his door, and he requests his brothers to give him 2 minutes, and he takes Kimaya’s call, and he compliments on her pink dress, and she thanks him. She asks him about what was he speaking last night, does he remember ? He couldn’t remember. and speaks that he was speaking something, and asks does he remember.. He goes ahead to speak and contemplates.. Main Tumse.. I want to say..He is very much….then says he is very talkative and doesn’t say that he loves her. He takes a sign off from Kimaya since his brothers are knocking the door too much and wants him to clean the floors. Cheeku begins to clean the floor, and Dodo throws the Banana skin, Dodo is dejected with radhika’s father, and Sid speaks that Devika played a game, and made him jealous by kissing Cheeku.

Cheeku responds that he didn’t got the chance as he was thinking something else, and speaks that it it was the kiss from … and contemplates whether he has fallen for Kimaya.. Sid and Dodo leaves from there and Hansraj comes there to help cheeku and speaks that Kimaya is only his best friend, and asks him whether he is in a one-sided love with Kimaya. Cheeku thinks that he is not in such things, and Hansraj informs him that 72 % of heartbreaks are because of one-sided love. Sid calls the driver of Devika’s and wants to speak with her. Soon, Sid speaks with Devika and calls her baby. He speaks that she might be missing her heart which she has forgotten at his home, and then speaks that if she meets him then she can get the things. Sid speaks that don’t give chance to girls and show attitude then only girls will be impressed and gives Devika a place to come there.

Dodo speaks with his friends Sumit and Suhas and tells them to join Dodo consulting service while standing at Radhika’s coaching centre. He calls her Rads and speaks that he is a big thing. He informs her that they have to go to movie together, and then they will go home and soon he is intercepted by Radhika’s father who vows to fail Dodo in his class, and scolds. Dodo calls radhika’s father as villain. Devika comes to meet Sid at the cafe, and he tries to flirt her. She speaks about not having time. He gives a charger which she thinks is outdated from 2002. He then shows her sandal with high heels, and she thinks that he just called her without any reason. She calls him hopeless, and a joker. She speaks that he doesn’t know how to impress her and he doesn’t have mind, and she taunts that she is going home, and he speaks that she likes him a lot. Devika speaks that she is in awe of him, and then bends his fingers and leaves from there after scolding him.

Cheeku at his home meets his parents who came back from relatives’ Bantu marriage. Dodo and Sid comes home and finds their parents. Cheeku gets a message from Kimaya telling him to come on chat, and remembers hansraj warning about not falling in love. Cheeku chats with Kimaya via video, and he compliments on her pink dress when she asked about it. He asks about her top, and she speaks of wearing the pink dress as she knows that he liked pink dress. Soon, he again gets the hiccups when he starts to think about love, and speaks that Kimaya looks very great truely in pink dress. She thanks him for compliment and just after that he gets a call from his mother and he takes a leave. On other end, Kimaya also gets a call from friend, and she speaks that there is someone who was staring at her after seeing her pink top and calls that someone a Dhakkan (fool). Cheeku comes there and thinks that kimaya was speaking and backbiting him (cheeku remembers Hansraj words on 72% heartbreaks due to one-sided love). He chats again and she calls him Cheeku. He cites some other work and with his dejection after remembering Kimaya’s words decides to cut short his video chat and shuts down the laptop making kimaya very surprise and with lots of questions in her mind after seeing such abrupt action from Cheeku.

Next Episode: Cheeku again chats with Kimaya and is seen to be in much relaxed mood. Dodo tries his luck again with Radhika.

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