RK’s heart sinking in love by hurting Madhu, but Bai ji’s death fills anger in him in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon






RK can’t forget the fact that Bai ji died because of Madhu’s immovable decision as she did not free him from jail and he failed to give blood to Bai ji. He even lost the last ritual rights of Bai ji. Madhu clears it to RK that Bhanu did not tell her that Bai ji needs his blood, but RK does not believe her. Moreover, Dau ji has now lost his truth on RK, he just wants to make Madhu cry and make her life hell. RK promises Dau ji that he will take revenge from her, but can he?

What he did with her, the marital rape, it was planned by Bhanu, who has spiked RK’s drink and persuaded him to rape Madhu. While RK is unaware of Bhanu’s dirty games, like hiding blood requiring truth from Madhu and threatening her to free RK from jail, not letting her come in last rituals of Bai ji by scaring her of RK’s plan to murder her, and much more. Bhanu has done many crimes, which will be exposed one day. He has even tried to kill RK years ago and his truth is not yet out. Well, Bhanu is really a sharp man, but villains always lose to heroes at the end.

RK starts torturing Madhu. He asks Madhu not to sleep at night and instead light the small diya near Bai ji’s pic all night. He says he will punish her if she fails to do this. Madhu does it for long and finally she falls asleep. RK throws water on her face to wake her up and punishes her by asking her to light the diya in her palm. Madhu is not scared of this little burn wound as the wound RK gave on her heart and soul will be forever. Madhu puts oil in her palm, and RK lights the diya, she holds the burning diya. RK gets hurt seeing her hand burning and is unable to see it. Madhu asks him to have the strength to see her in pain now, as he brought her in his home only to hurt her.

Agni sees RK’s heart melting and informs Dau ji. Dau ji asks Agni to take the matter in her hands. Agni asks Madhu to sweep the house. RK increases her work by tearing a bean bag and putting its inside out on the floor. Madhu does not get afraid, as she has no limit to bear. RK thinks to not let Madhu sleep in daytime, so that he can make her sleepless for 24 hours. Will RK come to know Bhanu’s truth, that he is the root cause of the hatred between him and RK? We are eagerly waiting to see RK and Madhu’s misunderstandings clear and their union with love and respect. Keep reading.

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