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Mission Sapne Colors

Mission Sapne on Colors is a reality show which brings the common man to the fore and connects them with their favorite actor/star. The show promises to fulfill the dreams and desires of the common people.


Sonali Bendre Behl (the hostess) welcomes all and speaks that who has thought that a fruit vendor’s son one day will be standing on the top of Mount Everest, and moreover no one would have dreamed that the same mountain athlete will one day only wish to touch some land by his feet (analogy to stand up and be able to have good livelihood).

Sonali shows an AV which shows mountainous ranges and shows the young man which Sonali was referring to seen climbing ice mountains. The voiceover speaks that he has just returned after climbing peaks; crossed many boundaries between sky and earth, and also those days were very sunny but soon became dark; the days were pleasant but changed to being unpleasant. Though, he climbed and succeeded in those brave attempts but that not the case since time has let him down. Today in Mission Sapne, you will meet Ramlal Sharma whose dreams were partially fulfilled as his dreams were broken. Ramlal’s dreams will be fulfilled by hot and handsome villain Siddharth Malhotra.

Mission Sapne Sonali Bendre Behl

Sonali speaks that most of the times people don’t want to do much for their country and on the contrary there are ones who wants to do something for the country and asks whether the country supports them.. She speaks that Ramlal and many other sportpersons have represented their country and brought laurels to the country but they themselves are lost. Today, Mission Sapne will Salute all those people and also makes an appeal that they should be get the respect and fame which they truly deserve. She welcomes on stage Ramlal. Ramlal comes there and Sonali first asks about his age. He replies 24 years. She then asks him why his family members didn’t came with him. He speaks that his father is ill (Reed ki Haddi) that’s the reason his family didn’t came. He is the eldest child in the family, and has 2 young siblings – sister and brother who are also educating. He speaks on his education – BSc, DPL (diploma in physical education), MA (Pyschology).

Ramlal speaks on his interest in sports since his childhood and used to watch adventure or sports related programs on TV. Therefore he studied sports education. She asks him why he planned to climb mount interest ? Ramlal responds that he wanted to do something very different from the rest and wants to do something for the country and himself so as to get his own identity getting an applause. She speaks on the celebrity who will come on the show to help him in his dreams and also how the show will multiply that amount by 100 times to give him the final amount. Sonali speaks that though Ramlal has earned name, respect and fame but couldn’t support his living hood and family with his work. She then welcomes Siddharth malhotra the young and rising star and new heartthrob in town. Siddharth comes on teh stage and greets Sonali and Ramlal on the song Munda Kudki Kamaal Ka.. song. She first shows him an AV of the life of Ramlal. Ramlal is shown in the AV at the Mount Everest in his mountain suit and accessories, and speaks the dialogue – Goals will be fulfilled of those who dreams are very strong, and furthermore suggests that wings are not enough, courage will make you fly.

Siddharth on Misson Sapne on Colors

He speaks on holding the Indian flag after reaching the Mount Everest peak and is shown in the AV. Siddharth sees the AV and appreciates his bravery. Later, in the AV, Ramlal speaks of working as the vegetable vendor since 8 months after coming from his Mount Everest endeavor. Since he is the eldest all the responsibility is on his shoulders, and thinks that if it continues like this then his future is very bleak and will not have any life. Siddharth speaks that lot of mental fitness and dedication to need to achieve such big tasks referring to his Mt. Everest endeavor and speaks that he himself gets help from people around him. He speaks that it is sad to see a very passionate athlete and sportsperson faces such hardships and doesn’t get respect which he truly deserves. Sonali asks Ramlal about his challenges to climb Mt. Everest, and he then speaks that he applied in Nepal at the place who organizes the climbing. After submitting all his certificates, they informed him that the total cost to climb Mt. Everest is 25 Lakhs INR (2.5 Million INR).

Mission Sapne Colors Siddharth and Ramlal

She speaks why so much expense ? He informs that the course cost is around 7.5 lakhs INR, 6.5 Lakhs INR for getting Nepal govt permit. He speaks that he asked people for financial help and they told him that he can die and didn’t help. He speaks that media took coverage and after which he was able to get that total amount. She speaks that we hear that going to climb Mt. Everest is a herculean task and even not sure of coming back. How did he manage to do that ? He speaks that first Everest task was to ask money from people, and the second task of same magnitude was training and mental preparation. He then speaks on his Mt. Everest climbing mission and on a peak (semifinal) he fell down in the night multiple times due to bad weather and cold storms. The guide told him to move on, and he remembered how he got the funds for his climb by means of young children donations. He got the courage and climb the mountain and reach the top at 21st May @ 5:17 PM and unfurl the Indian flag (Vande Mataram tune). He speaks that an IAS son can become an IAS officer, and he wants to prove that an ordinary labourer son can achieve extraordinary thing and therefore he has that ambition to climb Mt. Everest and after climbing it prove to the people that an ordinary person can also realize big dreams.

He again speaks that courage is the main thing to fulfill dreams. He reminds that his stubborn nature has helped him in realizing his dream. Sonali asks him how come he is now selling vegetables ? He informs her that he went to a private school who asks him about his english language skills. He didn’t have good english skills so he didn’t get that job. He speaks on his father’s words that doing work and taking care of your livelihood is important, no work is big or small. He speaks that athlete needs food for his training and life, that’s the basic necessity like everyone. He speaks on eating gram Dal (Channa) in the morning before his training and didn’t have food. Sonali comes to Siddharth and asks him whether he will help Ramlal. Siddharth speaks that he is ready and says that he doesn’t have the same passion and mental fitness like him. Sid learns that he has to play a quiz before going for his work of a vegetable vendor. Sonali asks him about the price of Potato, Ladies finger. He becomes nervous, and then replies 30 INR for ladies finger, and also speaks on high prices of Onion but didn’t able to speak the specific prices. Sid speaks to Ramlal in getting tips from him and also uses his dance steps to win more customers when he sells vegetables. Sid speaks of the show’s financial help which is a reward for Ramlal’s brave efforts for the country and also his work is a gift. Ramlal speaks on being thankful to Sid. On that note, Sid leaves with Ramlal.

Seven Bungalow in Mumbai City @ 10:30 AM.
Siddharth comes there to sell vegetables and is very excited to sell vegetables for Ramlal. Sid learns about different vegetables, and sits at his vegetable shop. He asks Ramlal and gets some tips. Sid calls people to take vegetables and also calls Disco Deewani. A girl comes there with his younger brother, and only have 20 INR and she puts the vegatables in her pocket and saving plastic. He takes the photo with her and advises her to inform people in her society. He finds a middle-aged man who asks him half-kg Carrot. Sid wants him to buy more and he then challenges the customer for sit-ups and compliments on his fitness and also sells extra vegetables. He again meets a girl customer who wants cauliflower, and asks her 100 INR and promises to dance on the song Radha Teri Chunri and sooner dances with her and even takes photo. He then meets another young customer who compliments on his movie SOTY and also looks nice with Parineeti. Sid makes an offer to him and for 100 INR he will make him speak with parineeti.

Mission Sapne Colors Siddharth and women at vegetable market

At 4:00 PM:
Sid also stole customers from other shops, and he is unable sell one vegetable which he couldn’t sell since morning. He convinces that women and gets 500 INR from her. The shop owners speak of their business being lost because of Sid. The same boy comes after bringing 5O INR and takes lemons. Sid finds a women who wants capsicum, french beans, and other vegetables for making chinese noodles, and wants 200 INR from her, and in exchange wants to dance on Disco Deewane song for her. Sid dances on the song and also takes some children and even a young baby. He gets 100 INR from the young baby’s father. Sooner, young boys come for Nimbu, and gets 100 INR from them, and also signs an autograph on a Nimbu and has paid 100 INR. The boy promises to keep the Nimbu in his showcase.

Mission Sapne Colors Siddharth, Aggresive marketing basket

Sid finds more customers and takes photo with them while earning money from them. Sid walks with some vegetables in the market and meets an old man who wants him to sell the veggies in chinese language. Sid asks him whether he is from China ? The man responds that Sid’s love interest is from China. Sid then informs him that indeed in his movie Hasee To Phasee where Parineeti spoke in chinese language. Sid speaks some chinese words, and leaves from there. Sid thinks of it as aggressive marketing. Sid meets a very young girl and gets 200 INR from her after selling vegetables, and also dances on Radha Teri Chunri song. The girl shows lot of enthusiasm and energy in her dance and then meets men in safari suits (body guards) and challenges them for push-ups and wins the bout. He thanks them for their help, and ends his work for Ramlal and leaves from there.

Sonali speaks on two different kinds of people – the one doesn’t know what is hunger as he has all the amenities, while the other yearns to get food. Moreover, on one hand one’s life has broken dreams while for the other, life is a fairytale. She welcomes Siddharth and Ramlal back on stage. Sonali informs Sid that it has been two years since he has been working in films and asks him about his experience of selling vegetables. Sid informs that he haven’t went to vegetable market before and has only eaten them. He speaks on people’s support after learning the cause, and also dance with them. He speaks on his aggressive marketing strategy where he sold vegetables by carrying in a basket. She makes a point that he even sold some vegetables as complimentary gifts. Sid laughs on that point and speaks after seeing young children he gave them. He is happy with people’s help and felt very lucky to become actor and realized his dream.

He speaks that Ramlal is working but that is not his passion. Ramlal wishes Sid the best for his career. Sonali asks him whether he has the same passion ? Ramlal wants to continue with his passion of mountain climbing since there are still many accomplishments to be made. On that note, Sid informs him of taking care of his nutrition and training and also gym in his hometown in Haryana. Sid speaks that he is from Delhi, and then suggests that right guidance is the key for an athlete in terms of nutrition and training. He wants to contribute that much for Ramlal’s dream. Sonali wants the young audience to do something for others in their daily life. Sonali speaks the amount is 3,390 INR after deduction of 400 INR, and the final net amount is 3,39,000 INR. Sonali asks Ramlal what will he do with this amount ? He speaks on returning back the loans, and also use part of the money on his next mountain endeavor and thinks that his dreams will be fulfilled.

She informs that the show’s help is a start and wishes he gets more sponsorship. Sid requests him to continue his mission and wishes to see him unfurling the national flag at Mt. Everest. Ramlal receives the cheque, and Sid greets Sonali. The voiceover at the end of the show speaks that when hands are joined, even injured birds can fly in the sky and Mission Sapne supported that vision, the one who has power has helped those who are powerless and in need. He speaks that an idea has become a revolution (Inquilab) and as the show has ended thus now its your turn to help somebody, Mission will continue.

Celebrities that have participated on the show: Salman Khan (Hair dresser), Ranbir Kapoor (Vada Pav Seller), Mika Singh (Tea Vendor), Ram Kapoor (Taxi driver), Karan Johar (Photographer), Siddharth Malhotra (Vegetable Vendor), Drashti Dhami (Nimbu-Mirchi seller). Ronit Roy (cosmetics seller), Harbhajan Singh (Snack seller), and Varun Dhawan (Porter/Coolie)

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